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Re: Black market offers

by madt099

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Black market offers

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I busted wanted to ask why I keep getting the same black market offers every time it comes around?  It keeps offering sawn off, hater (which I already have), and various other guns I already have.  I’m trying to purchase a black market three eyes and hope to see one soon.

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Re: Black market offers

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You need to upgrade your weaps to get better offers. E.g. if you have headhunter, you need to upgrade it so far that the normal three eyes on lvl 1 (which you don't have) has a lower weapon power than your hh.
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Re: Black market offers

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Thank you for your response although it wouldn’t make any sense for me to buy a headhunter and upgrade it if I’m waiting for black market 3 eyes.  I am to the understanding that black market was to be random, yet I keep seeing the same offers.  And before I forget, I am Fa-Q on WarFriends.

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Re: Black market offers

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I would also like to add one more thing, if I am going to keep getting the same gun offers then there’s really no point in me having the subscription and buying gold in hopes of seeing the weapon I want.
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Re: Black market offers

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If it makes sense or not it's up to chillingo. But you won't get a three eyes bm offer unless you have a upgraded headhunter (~ lvl 50) or already the standard or elite three eyes.

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