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by sharkay88

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Still waiting how long is this fix going to take I have been booted constantly off for at least 3 months now 

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Community Manager (retired)

 Hi again Sharon. 


Unfortunately both devices you listed – the iPhone 6 and the iPad Mini 2 are in the 1gb ram category, which unfortunately causes some Out Of Memory Crashes. 

We are looking at more optimisation in the upcoming version. 


Thank you for your patience! 





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This is b.s both my devices are 32 gigs of ram and there was no issue with it before  also have another account on android tablet and phone they are only 16 gigs so quess my devices are the blame for all your updates that screwed up my account and yet the customer gets blamed that’s a good one maybe your specialist needs to go see a specialist. Or  don’t come up with lame excuses just cuz it’s over their heads  so what’s next  a full refund for all the money I put in this game or do I wait another 3 months and go through the same thing all over again? I can not believe this crap 

I will take snapshots of our conversations and plaster them on Facebook to show everyone the incompetence of you all feeding people b.s. and we suppose to just take it,never in my life I dealt with so many incompetent people over a game. No other games that I have played and are playing have so much b.s. involved as I said I do have another account and absolutely nothing is wrong with it so why am I having so many issues with it on this account ,when this is IPad and other is android lees gig ram on android ?

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And I would be getting an out of memory error code and I have never got any error codes
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