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Re: Augmentation

by edagsara

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Re: Account lost, back to level 3? Cannot login to previous acct

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Thank you for response.. 


My player ID #1544317568-93416203


I hope the transfer will be quickly Standard smile

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Re: Augmentation

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im a paying costumer with player name …|&££¥@… currently with team BUSTERS-2.0 .. IM JUSTWONDERING why i cant have gold aug even i buy pro aug pack and im getting alot of common aug .. the non paying costumer i think is yhe one luckier with this game and if this trend goes on i will never buy nor pay again... or tell me me what to do to get those gold augmentation.. i dont need a thank you reply i need actions and a decent reply regarding this matter so i can be more competitive because its unfair battling with 3 to 4 gold augmentations on..hoping for your fast action

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Re: Account lost, back to level 3? Cannot login to previous acct

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Hi, I also made another account and I purchased items I game too but now I can’t access that account! It goes to level 3 please help me access it

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