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Re: About scraps

by giowarfriend

Original Post

About scraps

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Hello. Regarding Scraps. I know you can turn Scraps to Elite Parts. I did that once and i had an option after to turn Elite Parts into Scraps.
A little confusing as when i check other unit(s) that i have few Elite Parts, i.e. Shotgunner at 23 of 50 Elite Parts, it won’t show me option to turn it to Scraps.

Would be nice if we always have that option as we don’t use all the units making the Parts useless and we can use it on some other units
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Re: About scraps

Community Manager (retired)

Hey giowarfriend, 


Thanks for your suggestion. It's definitely something we'll think about. If you ever have any further ideas or suggestions, bring them on! 


Kind regards, 



About Fun community manager 

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Re: About scraps

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Thank you for listening on my previous post and this one. I don’t know where to post suggestion so i just post them here.
Maybe make Warbucks a little more useful not just on upgrades, i.e.
Sell scraps for 100 pieces for 1-10m or something, not crazy cheap as it would make the Arena useless.
Or, give us an option to either use gold or warbucks on skipping delivery time, after all its $99 for 2.25m of warbucks in the store.
Those were not in anyway would imbalance the game.
Anyways, keep up the good work, by far the best Arena is the Anniversary one, all random.
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Re: About scraps

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How do you turn scraps into elite parts?

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