F1® World Balancing (Patch v1.09)


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F1® World Balancing (Patch v1.09)

EA Codemasters Team

Hey folks, 

Alongside the v1.09 patch for F1® 23 (arriving August 7), we wanted to share some more details about the F1® World balancing changes that are coming to this new mode. 

Following feedback from you, the community, we've made some adjustments to offer an optional difficulty bump for Solo F1® World events, allowing more experienced players to give themselves a greater challenge. 

To start, Solo events that previously matched your Tech Level (including Grand Prix mode) will now match to a level below your current level. By default, this will make events slightly easier. 

However, to compensate for this default change, we've expanded the use of the Tech Level 'modifier' to all Solo events that use Tech Level. This means that you can boost the difficulty of any Solo event in F1® World, with more rewards for playing events with a higher Tech Level than your own.

That's not all. Because of the default Tech Level change, we've updated the range of the 'modifier' slider. Previously, you could select a Tech Level modification ranging from -100 to +100. Now, this has been updated to go from zero to +150, offering an even bigger difficulty boost for those that want it.

To modify the Tech Level of a Solo F1® World event, choose your event, then select 'Difficulty' and choose your modification. 

Difficulty Slider.png


Finally, to avoid lower-level Solo events being left behind once you've upgraded your F1® World car, events will now scale as your Tech Level increases. This means that uncompleted events will be no more than 50 levels below your current Tech Level. And don't forget, the 'modifier' can still be applied to these events too.

We hope these changes make Solo events in F1® World more exciting. We'll have more updates like this coming to F1® World throughout the year, so be sure follow our official Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube channels. 

To read more about F1® World and how you can get involved in some special limited-time events, head to the F1® World calendar page.

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