F1® 23 - Community-Raised Issues (& EA Racenet Updates)


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F1® 23 - Community-Raised Issues (& EA Racenet Updates)

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EA Codemasters Team

Hey racers,

Thank you for your support since F1® 23's launch. The team are continuing to hard at work making tweaks to the game based on the feedback you provide.


What's this post all about?


This post will be used to inform you on issues that the F1® 23 development team are actively investigating or working on that have been raised by the F1® 23 community.


How do I report a bug or issue? 


  • Before starting a new subject in EA Answers, please check to see if we're already tracking your issue in the list below. 
  • If you're not seeing the issue listed below, please visit the F1® 23 Technical Issues and Bug Reports boards to see if someone else has already raised it.
  • If you're still not seeing your issue, please report it using the template that displays when starting a new topic in F1® 23 Technical Issues and Bug Reports. Please also attach any relevant files that you think would help the team verify your issue such as screenshots, videos, or hardware configuration files. For account-related issues please reach out to us via EA Help.

What are the issues we're tracking?


There are four categories that issues will be assigned to. Those are as follows:



A significant number of people have reported this issue occurring. The development team is currently investigating the issue to understand how, or if, this can be resolved.



A fix/adjustment has been made and will be issued in a future patch.



This issue has been resolved in the game version listed beside the issue. Please ensure you have updated your game to the latest version.



If marked as such: the issue can't be verified by the development team (therefore unable to resolve), is no longer being reported as an issue, or, is working as intended. Additional context about these particular issues may be linked alongside them.


The below issues have been updated as of Thursday, November 23rd | Those marked 🆕 have been recently updated/moved.





🆕 v1.17 Patch - Click here for more information

v1.16 Patch - Hotfix - Click here for more information

  • Reverted a change to the Barcelona circuit that, with certain setup changes enabled, was causing a collision on the Start/Finish line.
  • Balanced and corrected esports drivers statistics

v1.15 Patch - Click here for full notes

  • F2™ 2023 Season Update
  • Sports Update
  • Singapore Grand Prix one lap too short
  • Track limits throughout Las Vegas
  • Incorrect effect on Ferrari halo
  • Safety car delta jumping when entering the pits at Monaco
  • Loss of Force Feedback on Thrustmaster devices (Click here for more information)

v1.13 Patch - Hotfix - Click here for more information

  • Equal performance non-functioning in Multiplayer
  • Custom controller profiles removed

v1.10 Patch - Click here for full notes

  • The Marina Bay (Singapore Grand Prix) layout updated to mirror the 2023 layout
  • Daniel Ricciardo added for Alpha Tauri and in Driver Market for new Career saves
  • Pixelated/jagged texture effect on Halo in Night races
  • Sponsor boards in Singapore are unlit for some players (Xbox & PlayStation)
  • Podium Pass Series 2 images missing
  • Strict corner cutting in Ranked
  • Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Lens Flare, and Filters options are non-functioning in Photo Mode (HDR)
  • Blurry textures at mid-long range distances (PC)
  • All drivers wear black suits when using Equal Performance in Grand Prix (F1® World)

v1.09 Patch - Click here for full notes

  • F1® World Solo events balancing - Click here for more details
  • HDR too dark in some menus (PS5)
  • Immediate disqualification after a Formation Lap in Multiplayer
  • Equal performance is locked to "on" in LAN mode

v1.08 Patch - Click here for full notes

  • EA friends list showing as empty for those with a large number of friends
  • Hard tyre unavailable after Sprint races in Two-Player Career
  • Timer may display an incorrect time when spectating Qualifying sessions
  • Incorrect time of day for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Grands Prix
  • 'Rival Telemetry' option greyed out in Time Trial
  • Unable to connect to a LAN lobby
  • Too many resource points granted, despite being set to 'Reduced' payouts in Career
  • AI difficulty at the highest levels (101-110) are easier than expected
  • Qualifying Practice Programmes are unrealistically difficult in Career

v1.07 Patch - Click here for full notes

  • Safety car immediately triggers after a red flag restart in 50% races
  • Tyre degradation differences between teams despite equal performance
  • Contracts end before the final race of the season in My Team
  • Force Feedback on weak/cutting out on Logitech wheels - PRO & G923 (Xbox) 
  • Loss of Force Feedback when pressing Alt-Tab (PC)
  • AI slowing to match speed on Quali In-laps
  • Assists remain locked in other modes after participating in the Community GP
  • Sponsor decals cannot be removed from the My Team car
  • Freeze when a player disconnects from an online session (PlayStation)
  • Incorrect price for boosting some Level 2 car parts
  • Sponsor boards in Singapore are unlit for some players (PC)
  • No pitlane limit or distance warning message when using the cockpit cam
  • Time Trial OSD customisation for 'F1 Dial' not saving
  • Sound may cut out on track when in Performance mode
  • Switching focus in windowed mode may result in the game freezing (PC)

v1.05 Patch - Click here for full notes

  • Strategy change after damage won't appear on the Voice Command display
  • Safety Car and Formation Lap disabled in 25% race distance
  • Braking Point getting stuck at Chapter 7 (When on-screen display is disabled)
  • Unable to invite friends to race using system menus (Xbox & PlayStation)
  • Issues with ghosting cars when ‘collisions off for first lap only’ is enabled
  • Framerate drops during night races 
  • Creating a second Career save with F2 causes the game to crash
  • After a red flag, finishing positions can be incorrect
  • Two-player Career uses Equal Performance instead of Realistic performance
  • Driving out of the 11th garage at Monaco causes the car to hit the wall
  • Logitech TrueForce is unavailable (PlayStation & PC)
  • Switching between Performance and Quality modes causes framerate issues (Xbox)
  • Sponsor decals do not appear on race suits and helmets in My Team
  • Virtual rear view mirror stays on-screen when looking backwards
  • F1 World goal expires while a bonus goal is active

Online Services Updates

  • 🆕 No rain in wet weather events in F1® World
  • Lapped cars in Ranked should be ghosted
  • Reaching tech level 1000+ stops players from connecting to online services
  • Community Grand Prix events not counting race results


  • 🆕 Multiple track limit warnings at Australia, Turn 4
    • Whilst no changes will be made in relation to this issue for F1® 23, feedback has been noted and will be considered for future projects. 
  • Goals being locked in F1® World
    • Following a recent Online Services patch, this is no longer being reported. Should you continue to experience issues, please raise this as a bug, here.
  • Multiple warnings do not equate to time penalties in Ranked
    • Whilst no changes will be made in relation to this issue for F1® 23, feedback has been noted and will be considered for future projects. 
  • Graphical corruption when looking backwards in the pitlane at Silverstone
    • This is no longer being reported by players. Should you continue to experience issues, please raise this as a bug, here.
  • Low framerate when driving through smoke
    • Improvements have been made in recent patches but this may still be present to some extent. Any additional improvements will be considered for upcoming projects. 
  • Logitech TrueForce is unavailable on Xbox
    • TrueForce will not be supported on Xbox for F1 23. We will work with our partners to implement support for upcoming projects.

Please consider the following:


  • This is not an exhaustive list of everything the development team are working on. Just because an issue is not listed above does not necessarily mean it's been ignored.
  • If an issue is added to ⏳ AWAITING PATCH ⏳ this does not mean it will be addressed in the next patch but will be included in an upcoming patch.

We hope you continue to enjoy F1® 23!

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Re: F1® 23 - Community-Raised Issues

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EA Codemasters Team

Hey everyone, 


Separately from in-game updates, EA Racenet has had a revamp for F1® 23. 


Serving as the go-to place for Leagues, by logging into your EA account, you can connect, compare, and improve your gameplay experience.




You can download the free EA Racenet app now on Apple and Android devices, or log-in using the Web App.

Following the launch of the game, more features are coming later this year. Here's a breakdown of EA Racenet features you can expect:


🆕 Recently Added

  • 🆕 Owner control for team selection 
  • 🆕 Full edit rights for point, times and race state
  • On-demand leagues

  • AI in lobbies

  • AI in standings

  • Improved filtering on search

Further down the Line

  • Delisted public leagues

  • Reserves

Thank you for your feedback on EA Racenet so far. For more information, head to the dedicated website here.

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