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by Straatford87

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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I see nothing mentioned about being able to play this game on high to ultra settings with my 3090.


Ray tracing doesn't seem to have been addressed because with it turned on I can barely keep 60 frames while playing the money modes. Portal works perfectly fine and I get close to 100 frames on ultra but any other 2042 specific mode runs like crap

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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C5 drones need to be removed! Why is this still a thing? It’s way to easy for any bloke to take out a fully manned tank with no skill. Drones are unkillable to begin with because of their crazy speed and movements unless standing still. Also why buff the support helicopters? Their already the most powerful aircraft in the game. You can control the whole sky with just one of them. 

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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Imagine buffing the condor when it's a transport vehicle with 5000hp who can kill everyone, and still buff this *. Or maybe remove the 2 miniguns on each side. Cause actually it's OP

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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@CarpoVP wrote:

Rest easy now mighty T28, the concrete can no longer hurt you 




We didn't want the T28 to be stonewalled any longer!


@SithMetal71 wrote:
@Straatford87 where is C5 on drone fix, this needs to be removed. also plane 30mm is under powered and it is impossible to hear or know if anyone is chasing you.

We are still reviewing options on how to address C5 being put on Drones. We'll follow-up once we have more to share on that!


@PEiZhiQwQ wrote:

 About Rattlesnake Light Grip and BCG Grip, the effect that has changed, OR just the description that has changed.

I mean if a grip's effect will be the same as 3.3 OR Light Grip and BCG will be different to 3.3.

We have updated both descriptions and effects for many Weapon Attachments. I'd encourage you to check out them out in-game today after the Update has gone live - it will give you a much better overview.


@keksivaras7 wrote:
@Straatford87 That's a lot of fixes. I'm most excited about VOIP, because HZ games might improve, when we can finally talk to randoms in the squad.
I'm not sure if I missed it, but I hope AA missiles can finally hit and not just spin around helicopters. IR missiles especially don't like hitting anything but jets.
And whatever you do, do not remove C5 drones. If you do, at least give us portable mortar. There's no way to counter campers. And C5 drones are really fun. The only reason why my friend uses Casper.

I don't have anything specific to share about AA missiles right now. But I can confirm that we're reviewing various improvements to the overall lock-on experience. More details on that once it's.. locked.



@Straatford87OK, we finally got the notes. It's a long list ngl, even though 90% of the bugs fixed I never actually encountered personally and/or never heard of. (I'm on PC)

I am looking forward for the attachments overhaul and hope that the descriptions finally make sense, oh man, it was a mess.

The one fix I am also happy to see is the enhanced speed of Sundance grenade belt switching. I made a thread about what I want to see get fixed so this was on the list. Nice feeling seeing it adjusted.

Anyways, can't wait to fire it up tomorrow to actually test all the stuff, and see what got broken on the contrary ( I hope nothing).

Sundance should feel much smoother to play with these changes. Would love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to play the Update!


@dc12O3 wrote:

My apologies if I overlooked this in the notes.

Has Boris' turret been fixed where when you placed it down it would explode immediately?


You did not overlook this! I can confirm it isn't in this Update. If you have some recent examples to show where this is happening, please do let me know.


@Kaozz1979 wrote:

Great that you have some fixes for Hazard! Unfortunately nobody is playing it and you refuse to have lobbies with bots for some reason. Thanks (Sarcasm, in case you didn't figure that out). 

I do appreciate a healthy doze of sarcasm every now and then. So thank you for sharing :-)


I've seen a lot of comments that folks are excited to jump back into Hazard Zone now that VoIP is available. So maybe check it out once the Update is live. If you do.. would love to hear your thoughts.


@MossleySloan85 wrote:

But I have to say, reducing the xp for playing the objective!? Really?! You’re reducing the points we get for actually playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played? Why? 

We've moved XP gains around to make it more consistent in how it is rewarded to you as opposed to focusing on completing the defend/capture event itself. This will help balance out overall XP rewards. 


This also means it should feel less punishing if you die just before a Capture event has taken place and you miss out on a big chunk of XP.


Instead, you are now rewarded with more XP for participating in the defensive/offensive goal by performing Support actions to your team (Healing, Resupplying, Repairing and destroying Equipment or Disrupting via EMP).


Coupled with Ribbons now being easier to get, you should see higher overall XP gains with this change. Once you've been able to play and try it out, do let us know how it feels for you.


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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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@Straatford87 What a joke, the M5 attachments bug is still there. How much time do you need to sort out the attachments? I want to play with this weapon and it is hopelessly bugged.
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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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It is great update. Keep it up. Also, the HUD would break when any grenade launcher was attached to the AC48 weapon. I think this problem is gone. But TOW missle (on m5c bolte) need to be more guided. It has really long cooldown and can not control and hit something. 

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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Wait you can still place C5 on recon drones? Why? Its impossible to counter play as a tank. Atleast limit it to be able to carry 1 charge of c5 not 3. And why c5 charges detonate when you touch the vehicle? They should trigger when you use the remote.

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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@Straatford87 And still no server browser????????? Are your ears painted on??????????? And still no stats ???????????? You can not even get the basics right, bring back the guys who made BF3 , you kids need some lessons
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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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@Straatford87 Hello. The game patch is nowhere to be found for me on PC. I am a EA Play pro subscribber. I tried restarting the game and EA Desktop client. I tried logging off and restarting the PC. Still no patch.
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Betreff: Battlefield 2042 - Update #4.0

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"Fixed a bug where the player's saved customization would sometimes be reset to defaults after joining a server"


Not fixed for me. Changed all the vehicle loadouts to my favourites and they all got reset within the same game instance so no crash etc in between

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