Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

by Straatford87

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Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

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Ahead of the start of our worldwide launch for Battlefield 2042, we have a small update targeted at addressing some critical issues that we identified shortly before the start of Early Access. 


In the coming weeks, we’ll have more to share around further upcoming fixes, balance changes, and QoL enhancements. Over the next 30 days, we’re presently scheduled to release two further updates, with our next update delivering more fixes and improvements that we’ve identified during this first week of Early Access, and a larger and more substantial update following after that.


Our full update notes are available below. There’ll be a short period of downtime whilst we deploy the update. We’ll keep you updated on our deployment timing over on the @BattlefieldComm Twitter account, where you can also follow along with our tracking of known issues, and changes that we’re able to make in real time. 



Update 0.2.1


Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Implemented Server Side upgrades that are targeted at reducing instances of Rubber Banding, often experienced in the later part of a round in All-Out Warfare modes.

  • Significantly reduced instances of stuttering when playing on Breakaway. If the Silo’s are destroyed, it should no longer reduce performance on the server.
    • A note that we are continuing to investigate similar occurrences that have been reported to us on other maps.
  • When looking at allies on your team, their names will now correctly display.

  • Adjusted the animations for Falck during the End of Round sequence to ensure that she is displayed correctly.

  • Updated a skin earnable for Boris via Mastery Progression with a new name: Gator.

  • Ensured that TDM Rounds in Battlefield Portal always start with Random Deploy set as active. We observed that this sometimes wasn’t active when moving from round to round, but have now fixed this.

  • Applied a set of measures that ensure the correct number of AI spawn in Custom Battlefield Portal modes using the Free for All preset.

  • PC Only - Enabled Specialist Selection in Hazard Zone via mouse interaction, removing the need to lock in your selection with the Spacebar.

  • Fixed a rare occurrence in Hazard Zone that would sometimes cause the End of Round flow to not activate correctly, ensuring that the correct amount of bonus XP was awarded.

  • Repaired an issue found in Hazard Zone that could cause players to be shown on the Map when they were not visible, or spotted.

  • Provided a fix for Hazard Zone players who were not seeing their Extraction Streaks updating correctly.


The details listed in this article may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible. NO WEAPON, MILITARY VEHICLE OR GEAR MANUFACTURER IS AFFILIATED WITH OR HAS SPONSORED OR ENDORSED THIS GAME.


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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★★★ Apprentice

Listen to community "feedback"


So make guns work like they did in beta


Get rid of specialist




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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★★★ Guide

Re-enable Bot Weapon & Vehicles Progression for AOW SOLO & CO-OP, Its cancerous trying to unlock stuff in Multiplayer for a lot of people due to the Hovercraft Spam & AA Spam for air units

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

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★★★★ Guide

There is a entire PVE audience that doesnt want to bother with multiplayer. These people spent upwards of 100usd to have early access. Every hour you arent returning normal XP and Unlocking of attachments for guns and vehicles to Solo/Coop vs AI is a slap in the face for those people. We paid almost double to have early access and start grinding and now we cant.

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★ Apprentice

Battlefield is vehicles, fix them or we might as well just play COD.

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★★ Guide

Unable to join any games. Server issues? Worked ealrier

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★★★ Apprentice

Waiting on them fixing bloom for AR and LMG.

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★★ Apprentice

So the version number starts with "0". You are selling testing versions of the game, right? How about the "disable crossplay" button for Xbox Series consoles?

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★★★ Apprentice
@Straatford87 Why no word about Portal or Solo/Coop progression? It's almost been a week. I got the game because I thought I could progress in PvE, but I guess you lied to us...
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Re: Battlefield 2042 - Update #1

★★★ Newbie

Give me back my prox grenades and find another way to fix your server issues. This is 2021.

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