Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #

by Straatford87

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Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #

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Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #


On August 16 at 08:00 UTC we are releasing Hotfix # for players on PlayStation 5. There will be no downtime, and you can continue playing during this time. 



  • We have resolved a stability issue that can occur for players on PlayStation 5 who are running the game in either Korean, or Traditional Chinese.
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Re: Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #

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Should proberly releas a hot fix for the entire game?
Fix lis rockets, they go Straith thru reload time, power. Nerf bsv,k30,PP-29, or just nerf all weapons. And fix graphics on ps4

 According to ea bsv was nerfed not true. 

Ea and dice just keep on lying to us players. 


Have the nerv to charge pepole for season 2 and 3.  They should give those as free due the epic fail to a Game.  Long time bf player. Im been playing since first to this epic fail 

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #

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Indeed, some patching is needed. But communication is key and you grammar is an epic fail. You have some good point there but please, proof read before clicking the "submit" button

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #

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Looks like you've made things worse as usual. Caspian Border I couldn't view properly through the inside view of the AA vehicle. Kept getting blocked. Could only view in 3rd person vehicle mode. Then I'm getting flicker, res and yellow triangles popping in my view. WTF? Then I'm getting stats that I've never has before all over the frame of my HUD. And just disappears when it wants too. This game is barely playable as it is, FFS!!! Can barely fill a server. Get it together EA!

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Re: Battlefield 2042 - PS5 - Hotfix #

★ Apprentice

These are not common problems, I recommend verifying game files.

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