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UEFA Champions League is coming to FIFA Mobile!

by AmtAmt57

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UEFA Champions League is coming to FIFA Mobile!

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Greetings Footballers from around the world!


We are excited to announce that the UEFA Champions League makes it's debut in FIFA Mobile!  Progress your Ultimate Team and chase over 1,400 new players!  You will play daily skill games, weekly matches and then progress in the group stage campaigns for amazing rewards! So how's this all work?


  • Grind Daily Events for Group Stage Points 
  • Play weekly matches and earn Group Stage Points and Players
  • Spend Group Stage Points to progress through each group stage to unlock the Featured Match.
  • Play the Features Match for amazing rewards!

Daily and Weekly Events:

First off, play skill games on a daily basis that will award you Group Stage Points.  Group Stage points are specific to that stage, so the round of 32 points will allow you to progress through the round of 32 campaign.  




There are also weekly matches which you can play that also give you great rewards!



Group Stage:

In the group stage, spend your Group Stage points to progress, and eventually unlock the Feature Match.  Teams are assigned per group, so make sure you are progressing down the correct path.  After you complete a path, the teams from that path will now be eligible in the Feature Match.  So if you really want a player from a specific team, you have to unlock that team for the feature match by progressing down the correct path.  


When released, each phase will have its own set of Points so return often to make the most out of the Group Stage!




Feature Match:


After you complete the group path, you will unlock the Feature Match!




After unlocking the feature match, use your Group Stage Points to play the Featured Match against a team from that stage grouping.  You are guaranteed an elite player from the team you face.  You can complete more paths in the Group Stage too, and that unlocks bonus tier rewards!


Speaking of Rewards:

Here's many of the great rewards offered in this event:


  • UEFA Europa League Players
  • UEFA Champions League Players
  • Group Stage UEFA Champions League Players

  • Coins
  • TXP
  • Boosts

 We are extremely excited to bring you this event, and hope you enjoy it!

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