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Team of the Week Update

by AmtAmt57

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Team of the Week Update

EA Community Manager



Greetings Everyone!


We have updated the Team of the Week Program to better align with season progression.  Here are some of the notable changes:


  • Team of the Week will consist of all Elite+ players each week.
  • The Weekly Reward will now guarantee an Elite+
  • There will be 1-3 Masters each week.
  • Player of the Month points have been rebalanced to account for the higher baseline of player OVR.
  • Player of the Month will now be a minimum of 97 OVR.
  • Player of the Month will now come with 4 boost options, one of each rarity.

Point totals will be as follows:



The new tuning allows us to make Team of the Week all Elite+, while keeping the amount of POTM points earned each week roughly the same.  Up until now, the average amount of POTM points per week for the starting 11 has been roughly 280 points. Going forward, the average will be closer to 290 POTM points with one Master, and with multiple Masters in a given week, that total will be a lot higher.  With a higher minimum amount (no golds anymore), and a lower amount for individual Masters, this flattens out the points and allows you to make more stable progress. If you miss a Master in a given week, it won’t sting as much and you can make those points up easier.  Additionally, if you don’t collect the entire team, you still progress nicely with the way points have been flattened. And remember, the Weekly will now guarantee an Elite+.


We hope you enjoy these changes!

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