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Guide to Top Transfer Program

by Neodog18_Gamer

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Guide to Top Transfer Program




Greetings Footballers from around the world!


Our latest installment here touches on the brand new Top Transfer program.  This is a 2 week program that focuses on players that changed clubs during the winter transfer window.


Event Details:


  • Event Duration: 14 days
  • Reset: Every 12 Hours
  • Currencies: Top Transfer Points and Contract Points
  • OVR Unlocks: 95, 96, 98, 99 and 100
  • Rewards
    • TXP
    • Boosts
    • Coins
    • Transfer Players
    • Prime Icon


So, how does all of this work?



First off, drop by the Head Office.  This is where you'll grind Top Transfer Points as well as Contract Points.  Every 12 hours, you will have the option to grind Skill Games, VSA, H2H, Matches and Ads.  You can engage any 3 of the 5.  Each completed mode rewards Top Transfer Points, and once you complete your set of 3, it unlocks a free node that will award Contract Points.  You can also watch ads for Contract Points. 


So how many points will I get from grinding?


The amount of points you get will be determined by your event choices, so most likely will vary by user.  Skill games, full matches and Ad nodes reward 200 Top Transfer Points upon successful completion.  Head to head and Versus attack award 260 for a win, 180 for a draw and 140 for a loss.  Upon completing any 3, the bonus node unlocks and awards 50 contract points (limit 1 claim every 12 hours).  Contract Point Ads award 5 contract points, with a limit of 2 views every 12 hours.  You can do the math here and figure out roughly how many points you will get from grinding.  Again, it largely hinges on your individual choice of how you wish to grind. 


Ok, so let's talk about rewards:

So once you have your Top Transfer Points and Contract Points, you will redeem these points in the Rewards tab. 


Contract Points can be spent on rotating offers.  These offers rotate every 12 hours, and offer 1 player and 2 specific boost choices each rotation.  Here's a couple tables that shows what will be available, and when.  First off, boosts.  All boosts offers cost 50 Contract Points with a purchase limit of 3. 


In addition to rotating boost offers, there are also rotating Player Offers too.  The player offers have variable costs based off the OVR of the player.  Here's the schedule:




Now that we have Contract Points out of the way, let's talk about what Top Transfer Points can earn you. The following are all included as rewards for Top Transfer Points:


  • Boosts
  • Coins
  • TXP
  • Elite Transfer Players
  • Prime Icon
  • OVR Unlocks
  • 96 OVR at Player Choice 1
  • 98 OVR at Player Choice 3
  • 99 OVR at Player Choice 4
  • 100 OVR for claiming the Prime Icon

Additionally, we have introduced a "player's choice" node in the rewards tab that allows you to select which player you want at each OVR tier.  This should make rewards seem more customized to the user, as that user has a choice as to which player or players that they will claim. 


Best of luck in the event, and see you on the pitch!

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