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FIFA Mobile Update Notes

by AmtAmt57

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FIFA Mobile Update Notes

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EA Community Manager

NOTE: All update notes will be listed here so you are aware of what changes have occurred in the game when you try out new versions.




Update notes for Client 12.5.2, Wednesday, May 15th, 2019




The most recent update will contain the following changes:


  • Fixed an issue where graphical settings would reset to the recommended settings after relaunching the application.  
  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to make purchases.
  • Fixed an issue where the content update notification was popping up during active matches.  This should now allow you to finish your match safely before the update is applied to your client.





Client update notes for patch 12.4, posted April 16th, 2019:




●     Fixed a number of crashes and overall stability issues of varying rarity.

●     Improvements made on certain teams so that Home kits would be selected more.

●     Fixed an issue where players being displayed are not consistent when entering back and forth into My Team and Player Swap screen while using the OVR filter.

●     Fixed an issue where the application does not fit properly on iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) and iPad Pro 11 (2018)

●     Fixed an issue where a red exclamation mark is displayed on the News Button even though there are no new updates. 




●     Fixed an issue where rapidly tapping on the emotes during H2H will not lag or freeze during gameplay.

●     Fixed an issue in Head to Head game mode to make gestural swiping more precise.

●     Improvements made on desyncs and disconnects in matches.




Head To Head Time Wasting


In Head to head, time wasting has been a huge complaint among our users. This is when opponents that are in the lead or in a tie chooses to pass the ball between their goalkeeper and defenders for an extended period of time to preserve the outcome of the match until the clock winds down.


We have taken smaller measures in the past to try and address this, but nothing we’ve done has had a significant impact in reducing this frustrating playstyle. With this release, we have decided to try a more intrusive mechanic to the game, to encourage players to keep the ball moving forward and stay more authentic to the game of football.


As of 12.4, if you pass back to your goalkeeper or to defenders that are pressured by opponents, your players will automatically clear the ball up field. You’ll know this is happening because an exclamation point will appear over their head.


VS Attack Player Selection


It has been a common complaint that defensive positions are often chosen to be ball possessors and attackers in VS attack. While part of your team, these players may not be the strongest attackers that you would select for your scoring chances.


In 12.4, we put in a lot of logic to select more attacking players to be involved in the play in VS Attack. Now, you should see players like ST and CAMs  more involved in play, and fewer CB’s and CDM’s.


VS Attack and Formations


In season 2, the formation you chose influenced the content you’d get in VS attack. As of 12.4, we have brought this feature back.


Now, the choice of your formation is going to impact the kinds of attacking plays you get. We recommend that you try many new formations to feel which one plays the best for your team.


VS Attack Fouls, Free kicks, and End Conditions


In VS Attack, getting a foul that results in a far away free kick places you at a disadvantage as it wastes time on the clock. For this release, we added some logic to skip the free kick if it doesn’t place you in a good scoring opportunity.


We have also done some work to make VS Attack possessions end sooner in some conditions, such as when the ball is slowly rolling to the touch line. This should help players save those valuable seconds that can make or break a match.


Skill Move Success


The stun timer on defenders when doing skill moves is now a variable length based on the delta between the ball carrier’s DRB rating and the defender’s MRK rating, so a ball carrier can still have a chance to get past a defender even if his ratings are slightly lower than the defender.


Additional Gameplay Fixes


●     Players will move to trap the ball more aggressively in the attacking third (won't just stand and wait anymore)

●     Improved the accuracy of the dotted line when making passes

●     Fixed a bug where fake shots trigger too easily

●     Fixed a bug with players not attempting to head the ball




●     Program Filter in Market - The long requested feature has arrived! Scroll to the end of the Player Search pop-up in the Market to find the Program Filter.


●     Instant Replay - Re-watch the last few seconds of gameplay in your offline matches and choose your favorite camera angles to showcase your best goals. Try it out now by accessing Instant Replay from the Pause menu.


●     Chemistry View in Player Swap - You can now check how a player you want to add to your lineup affects your Team Chemistry. We’ve added a Chemistry panel in Player Swap that displays the current player’s Chemistry stats and displays the Chemistry impact of another player when holding him on the swap slot.


To learn more tips, tricks and updates in the game, join the conversation and follow us on Twitter @FIFAMobileDev





Today’s deploy will have various fixes related to match history including:

• Match history viewed from user profiles is in reverse order.
• H2H and Vs Attack stanza matches that don’t grant cups or fans are displayed in match history.
• Match history list is not updated correctly for both users when a user force close the application at the end of the Vs Attack match.
• Sometimes the match history in Vs Attack does not display the correct number of fans gained/lost.
• Sometimes the Vs Attack match history resets after relaunching the application.


Fixed an issue where dismissing a Time Limited Offer causes a soft lock on the screen.

Fixed an issue where the amount of daily points are not being refreshed immediately after watching an ad.

Fixed an issue where performing a notification bar interrupt during Vs Attack matchmaking can cause a crash.

Fixed an issue where user profiles show no progress in H2H or Vs Attack even though they are ranked on the leaderboard.

Fixed 12 knows crashes and overall stability issues of varying rarity.



Client Update notes for patch 12.3, posted January 22nd, 2019:



Greetings Footballers from around the world!  Our 12.3 client update brings some exciting and much requested changes to the game.  Let's start off with the changes we are initially implementing which should keep games more competitive. We are aware of community complaints about time wasting in head to head, and we have made some changes that we hope will address some of these issues and make your experience more enjoyable


  • We added a system to detect when a player passes back and forth between their defenders to purposely waste time, and we will increase the pressure we apply to them
  • Teammates will move up the pitch now and cover more of the empty space while opponents attempt to waste time
  • Wasting time should now be more risky due to the amount of players that have pushed up.

Head to Head:


  • Fixed an issue where some devices would soft lock after contest of strength pop-up at the start of Head to Head matches
  • Fixed a few freezing issues at the end of Head to Head matches
  • Fixed some desync crashes with different graphical settings on Android devices
  • Fixed a crashing issue where some users were crashing after scoring a header in Head to Head
  • Fixed an issue when users were crashing when reaching the Head to Head leaderboard
  • Fixed some desync issues when Head to Head would continue to play after errors occurred
  • Fixed an issue where unranked matches appear in match history after completing any ranked Head to Head match



  • Fixed an issue where TOTY Ads were causing a crash
  • Increases stability when viewing ad nodes in any live event. This resolves some previous crashes



  • Fixed an issue where some swipe gestures sometimes do not go the correct direction
  • Fixed an issue where swipes were not correctly registering

General Gameplay:


  • Fixed an issue where the penalty Kick camera in VSA/League mode have a bad camera angle
  • Fixed an issue where a player was passing through the opponent's legs instead of tackling

Gameplay Passing:


  • We’ve added a bunch of logic improvements to the gesture passing system
  • The logic to decide whether to make a pass lobbed or ground has been improved
  • Early crosses should be more consistent

Gameplay Shooting:


  • Players will now have less error when taking headers and bicycle kicks
  • We now correctly apply error when taking tight angle shot
  • We implemented a robust system where every shooting variable is now livetunable.  Will will be heavily monitoring feedback so we can make on the fly adjustments here. 

Misc Gameplay Tuning:


  • We have made it so goalkeepers are a bit slower when rushing to give the user a bit more time to react
  • A goalkeepers sprint speed is now based on his sprint speed attribute
  • For the Weak Foot Trait, we have increased the chance that a player with this trait will not use their weak foot

Rainbow Improvements:


  • Rainbow has been retuned so that when a player uses rainbow, the ball does not launch as far. This allows the player initiating the skill move a high chance of recovering the rainbow
  • Rainbow Fixed an issue where changing direction mid rainbow would cause the player to lose control of the ball
  • Rainbow The player will now be locked to the rainbow, so they cannot break away from the ball

Skill Boosts:

  • Changed the way that out-of-position skill boosts calculate to be a percentage of the skill boost level instead of a flat modifier to the level in order to make the penalty for using out-of-position players smaller at lower levels. Users with low level skill boosts may see an OVR increase, and those with higher level skill boosts and out-of-position players may see a slight OVR decrease.



  • Fixed a crash when spending extended time on the training screen
  • Fixed an issue where the division information in Head to Head and VSA was blank
  • Fixed an issue where the user is sometimes redirected to the incorrect leaderboard after viewing a profile


Client update notes for patch 12.2, posted December 14, 2018:






  • The user can no longer accidentally pass the ball at the start of a free kick possession.
  • Sped up the fade transition into corners.
  • Fixed some passing issues where the ball was going where the user wouldn’t expect.
  • Reduced the amount of goal posts the user will hit.
  • Fixed an issue that caused overpowered shots to trigger.
  • The goalkeeper will now enter autoplay.
  • Improved the transition time to Throw-Ins, you should now be able to throw the ball in faster.
Head to Head:
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the user was unable to find matchups
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when the user taps on "See Full Leaderboard" from the "head to head" tile
  • Fixed some crashing/freezing at kickoff
  • Fixed some device lockups at kickoff for Head to Head
  • Fixed a desync issue that occurred when the Starting 11 screen was being shown
  • Fixed an issue on Iphone7 where users were freezing after a transition phase



  • Fixed an issue where after scroing a goal, some users were experiencing a black screen
  • Fixed an issue where your fans were not updating in the UI after playing a match.
  • Improved possession ending logic when the VSA timer is 0:00.  This should eliminate chances ending when shots are midair etc. 
  • You should no longer get consecutive Freekick Possessions in VSA.
  • You should no longer get consecutive Corners in VSA.
  • The user player should now perform closer to their attribute levels during VSA corners if jostling for a ball



  • Fixed an issue where reserve players were not correctly sorted by skill boost
  • Fixed an issue where the active OVR was not updating when swapping out of position players
  • Chemistry should now correctly display for league lineup in league screens
  • Fixed an issue where formation preview was not showing which position is being applied to the boost




Client update notes for patch 12.1, posted November 29, 2018:




Client Update 12.1 is coming!  This update has a large amount of bug fixes, gameplay tuning elements and stability optimizations that should greatly improve your experience while playing FIFA Mobile.  We are always listening to feedback and looking to improve the game any opportunity we get.  We all genuinely appreciate the support and interest in the game.  We have a VERY busy December coming up too!


Client Stability:


  • Fixed an issue where users were crashing while swiping on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Fixed numerous issues to increase stability.
  • The application should not crash anymore upon rebooting after getting a resource download error.

League vs League:


  • Fixed an issue where League vs. League turns were not correctly ending.

Gameplay Passing Tuning:


  • When taking a corner, you can now tap on a spot in the field of play, and the ball will go to that spot. Previously it had to go to target a player.
  • You can now pass to an empty space without having an implied target.  Previously passes needed a target.
  • When using the through pass button, you should now select the optimal target.
  • Fixed an issue when using the pass buttons, the pass wasn't going to the intended target.
  • Fixed an issue where ground passes took too long to get to the target player.
  • Extended the search range on button passes so that that passes should go to players instead of going to no one.
  • Players should no longer perform poor traps relative to attributes.

Gameplay Shot Tuning:


  • Tuned chip shots so that they should be most effective at a close range.
  • Tuned Finesse shots to be more effective at mid-range.
  • Tuned longshots to be more realistic in speed and accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue where long shots were traveling at extremely high speeds.
  • When shooting, there should be more error based on how far you are from the goal, if you are pressured, if you are using the correct foot, and if you are facing the goal.
  • When turning 90/180 degrees to shoot, shooting should feel more realistic.
  • When jostling with a defender, the defender should have more influence on the shot quality.
  • Weak foot ratings should now be more accurately reflected when shooting.  If your player has a low rating, his shooting ability with his weak foot should be lesser quality than his strong foot.
  • Shot trajectories from volleys should now be more realistic.
  • Tuned shot trajectory when shooting towards the sides of the net resulting in more consistent results.
  • Fixed an issue where unexpected shooting behavior occurred.  The ball should now go the correct direction where previously it went the opposite direction.
  • Fixed an issue where the Goalkeeper was unable to save certain point blank chip shots
  • Swiping down on the 2nd defender button will now prevent unintended goal keeper rushes
  • Fixed an issue with finesse shots where long finesse shots were not behaving correctly.  They should be more direct now and not as lofty.
  • Tuned headers when taking corners to feel more authentic

Versus Attack:


  • When the timer hits 0:00, there should not be chances given out anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where iOS was randomly crashing in VSA.
  • Fixed an issue where the application may freeze temporarily after performing a free kick.
  • Fixed an issue where fans gained was not property centered on the match summary screen.
  • Improved chance end conditions.  Chances should now have a more consistent end time.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Matchmaking Unavailable message was appearing 4-5 times in a row for some users.
  • Chances in VSA and League vs League have been tuned to provide more variety of chances.
  • Fixed an issue where at the start of a chance, direction input was not recognized correctly.  This resulted in autoplay controlling your player instead of your input. Your input should now properly be recognized.

Head to Head:


  • If your opponent disconnects from a Head to Head match, there should no longer be a freeze on your client.
  • Adjusted the font for the clock and score so that it's more visible.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 SM G900F can now correctly access Head to Head.
  • If both users disconnect from a head to head match, the "match in progress" message not persist as long.
  • Fixed an issue where a game error occurred during a celebration cutscene in Head to Head.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD obscures important parts of the screen during corner kicks.
  • Improved the camera angle on free kick replays to be more dynamic.
  • The correct LOD should be used with the celebration camera.
  • Fixed an issue where crashes occurred when playing back to back Head to Head matches.
  • Fixed a desync issue in Head to Head for Iphone X and XS which caused connection to drop.
  • Fixed an issue for iOS where some clients were experiencing a black screen at 45 minutes and 90 minutes.



  • When autoplaying, you will no longer see a power bar for your shooting and passing.
  • We have removed the directional arrow under players when autoplaying.
  • Players should no longer T-pose at the end of matches when interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where the points awarded text in skill games was delayed in updating.
  • Fixed an issue where some matches went directly to penalty kicks at 90 minutes instead of at 120 minutes.
  • The corner flag now has the correct lightmap applied.
  • When scoring a goal, the correct player should now show up on the overlay ingame.



  • Fixed an issue where the Learn to Shoot skill game was crashing some clients.
  • Fixed an issue where the iPhone 8+ was crashing during the VSA tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the application was crashing when shooting through the net in the VSA tutorial.
  • Made improvements to the Android onboarding stability in the first and second nodes.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was not sent to "My team" after swapping and claiming a player.

UI Improvements:


  • We have lowered the duration that the visual feedback shot arrow stays on the screen.
  • Longer league names should now correctly display on the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of reserve players was not correctly updated after using some players as TXP.
  • Fixed the order of chemistry criteria so it is consistent with the Chemistry view in My Team.
  • Fixed an issue where the OVR icon in formations was not correctly placed on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue where player previews from live events were missing the Program Chemistry.
  • Fixed an issue where player items appeared sold when switching tabs in the market.
  • Fixed an issue where a level 4 skill boost had a graphical error.
  • The completion limit for skill game 2 in scouting should now show correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the market caused your listed players to appear as sold.
  • The VSA and H2H Uis have been reworked.
  • Fixed an issue where the Head to Head season timer on the tile and within the hub were not consistent.
  • Fixed an issue where chemistry sometimes was not calculating correctly between linked players.
  • Fixed an issue where user logos were not animating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill boost icon appeared offscreen after leaving a boost multiple times.
  • Items in the daily and weekly rewards tiles can now be tapped for more information.
  • Fixed an issue where goal history data wasn't being correctly displayed. 


Content update notes for November 23, 2018
Flash Sale Event changes:
  • You can now reroll the Scratch Bonus nodes in Flash sale event with gems
  • Doubled the amount of Flash Sale points you can win from each live event.
  • The stamina cost for the Flash Sale live events has been reduced from 5 to 1.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on the "reset" button in the Scratch Bonus was not causing the reset window to open.
  • Fixed an issue where long shots were not applying the correct directional error 

Client update notes for patch 12.02, November 10, 2018:




Huawei Devices:

  • Improved performance Huawei devices were locking up when triggering a cutscene.  We hope this improves performance on Huawei devices



  • Fixed an issue where users get stuck at the skill boost tutorial when onboarding



  • Fixed an issue where the URL in for a low performance device had no interaction. You should now be able to tap the link and it will bring up the article
  • Store should not unlock now unless you are at the correct onboarding step
  • Fixed an issue where ad nodes were resulting in client crashes with the Daily Warm-up
  • Fixed a issue where the client would crash when leveling up a player
  • Implemented various crash related optimization
  • Fixed an issue where Traits are overlapping in player profiles
  • Fixed an issue where contest of strength was causing crashes on Android devices


Content update notes for patch 12.02, November 9, 2018:
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Chemistry over 100 was not correctly calculating.  Chemistry over 100 should now factor in matches as intended. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from changing their formation.



  • Continue buttons added to VSA pack opening tutorial for users stuck during it

Player Journey Changes:


  • Leagues now unlock when a user completes Mobile Master 4 instead of Mobile Master 5
  • Daily Warmup is no longer a requirement for Mobile Master 4
  • Changed 'Complete Gold Campaign' to 'Claim 2nd reward in gold campaign' in Mobile Master 4
  • Added "Complete gold campaign" to Mobile Master 5
  • Removed the Amateur I requirement in Mobile Master 4, it has been replaced by "play 5 games in VS Attack"



  • Domination now requires 78 OVR instead of 80 OVR to access

Head to Head:


  • Head to Head now requires Amateur I to unlock instead of Pro III
  • Removed head to head as a daily quest



  • You will now unlock Leagues through FTUE if you are already in a League

Team Heroes:


  • Team heroes pack previews should now correctly show 3 gold players instead of 5 and the 5x bundle should display 15 instead of 25
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