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FIFA Mobile Team of the Year Program

by AmtAmt57

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FIFA Mobile Team of the Year Program

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Greetings footballers from around the World!


What a stellar past year we have had, including the World Cup, a new Ballon D'or winner and some memorable moments from some living legends!  We celebrate these accomplishments with our FIFA Mobile Team of the Year event, where you can play live events and then progress through the chapter or chapters of your choice and gather amazing rewards! So let's start off with the potential rewards:


  • Boosts
  • Coins
  • TXP
  • TOTY Ultimate Player
  • TOTY Starter Player
  • TOTY Nominee Player

Great! So how does this event work?




First off, play live events, watch advertisements and purchase specific offers to earn TOTY points. These are 8 hour resets.  Then, Choose a Path (either the Attackers, Defenders or Midfielders node) to unlock additional events to earn Position Points.  You can choose a different path every 8 hours, so don't worry!




Progress through the nodes and collect Position Points.  Remember, the choice of position to grind will reset every 8 hours.  After you have collected enough Position Points, head to the rewards chapters and spend the points on some special TOTY offers!




Take your position specific points, and use them to buy offers in the reward chapters. 




  • Each positional reward chapter has 5 sections
  • Each section contains 1 of 4 possible rewards
  • The section's offer can be reset to a different 1 of the 4 possible rewards before purchasing
  • After purchasing a section, the next one will become active all the way until the 5th offer
  • Claiming the 5th section will reset all 5 and you start from the 1st section again
  • Every reward can only be claimed once 

Those who are able to complete every section in a positional reward chapter will be rewarded with a TOTY Ultimate Player!




Wait, so run that by me again?


  • Grind TOTY Points or purchase offers
  • Convert TOTY Points into Position Points or purchase offers
  • Spend Position Points to progress through the various reward chapters

So there you have it! We hope you enjoy this event, and we will see you on the pitch soon!





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