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FIFA Mobile - Team of the Season (TOTS)

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Hey FIFA Mobile Community!


Welcome to Team of the Season, one of the biggest events in FIFA Mobile! This guide shows you how to navigate through the prestigious event and how to claim some of the best rewards. This is Team of the Season, are you ready?


  • Event Duration: May 5th - June 30th (56 Days)

  • Community: May 5th - May 12th
  • Future League: May 12th - May 19th
  • Future League: May 19th - May 26th
  • Future League: May 26th - June 2nd
  • Future League: June 2nd - June 9th
  • Future League: June 9th - June 16th
  • Ultimate TOTS: June 16th - June 30th





Let’s kick off and explain how to navigate through TOTS. Open up the Live Events tile and you’ll notice three different TOTS Campaigns: Team of the Season, TOTS Pass, and TOTS Reserves.


Not only can you access these Campaigns through Live Events, but we have also added buttons in the Chapters to help you navigate through the event. 






Start off by heading over to the TOTS Campaign through Live Events. Collect your Daily Claim Rewards and play through various Skill Games and Matches, including VS Attack. 


Main Skill Games.png


Some of the key rewards to look out for are League Points, TOTS Tickets, and Reserves Tokens. This Chapter and its rewards change weekly with the new Leagues released. 




Check out the banners below to learn where to spend them and what the rewards are. 



The VSA Matches have special OVR and Lineups requirements that are tied to TOTS and the different Leagues. You might want to check your Division in H2H and VSA because two AI Matches give rewards based on your current division in Division Rivals.


Click on the spoiler below to see the rewards for the Skill Games and Matches plus their requirements. 



Skill Games




Skill Game

  • 75 League* Points 
  • 20 TOTS Tickets

12 hours

Skill Game

  • 75 League* Points 
  • 20 TOTS Tickets

12 hours

Skill Game

  • 75 League* Points 
  • 20 TOTS Tickets
  • 25 Reserves Tokens

12 hours

AI Matches Rewards per Division




200 League* Points


225 League* Points

World Class

250 League* Points

Legendary 3

275 League* Points

Legendary 2

300 League* Points

Legendary 1

325 League* Points

FIFA Champion

350 League* Points + 10 Reserves Tokens

3 VSA Matches



Win Reward

Draw Reward

Loss Reward

VSA Match

Max 105 OVR

100 League* Points

75 League* Points

50 League* Points

VSA Match

Max 105 OVR

6 League* Players

150 League* Points

10 Reserves Tokens

125 League* Points

80 League* Points

VSA Match

Max 105 OVR

6 League* Players

6 League* TOTS Players

200 League* Points

25 Reserves Tokens

175 League* Points

125 League* Points

Tip: Skill Games refresh every 12 hours, while the Daily Claim, VSA and AI-Matches refresh daily. 


League Rewards


Head over to the League Rewards Chapter to find the Reward Paths for the different Leagues.


League Milestones.png


Convert your TOTS Tickets into League Points and spend them on the Reward Path in the League Rewards Chapter. You can keep your TOTS Tickets until your preferred League unlocks.



Spend your League Points in the Reward Path to claim Resources, TOTS Tickets, Ultimate Exchange Tokens, and TOTS Starter Players from your chosen League.



Gain progress for the Milestones based on how many Points you have spent on that League. Rewards include TOTS Tickets, an Enhanced Base Icon, and a Prime Icon!


League Milestones.png 

Click on the spoiler for more information.



League Rewards Milestones



Spend 28,000 League* Points

2000 TOTS Tickets

Spend 50,000 League* Points

94 OVR Enhanced Base Icon

Spend 250,000 League* Points

100 OVR Prime Icon

Pro Tip: Over 90% of your League* Points are earnable the week that they are released. After that week, plan your TOTS Journey in that League around your TOTS Tickets and Reserve Milestones.


Ultimate TOTS


Ultimate TOTS contains some of the highest OVR Players that are currently available in the game. 


UTOTS Starter Exchange.png


By claiming Players from the League Starters Reward Path, you will earn Ultimate Exchange Tokens. Exchange these Ultimate Exchange Tokens along with a League* Starter for Ultimate Points!



Trade in League Reserve Players in the Ultimate League Reserve Exchange for Ultimate Points.



Ultimate Points are used to claim Ultimate TOTS Players, but there will be a specific Guide closer to the release of Ultimate TOTS with more information.



TOTS Reserves


Reserves Tokens can be spent in the League* Reserves Offer in the League* Reserves Chapters.




A claim of the League* Reserves Offer will cost 200 Reserves Tokens and reward you with Coins, Players or TOTS Reserve Players and progression towards the Milestones.



The Milestone Reward Path includes League Points, TOTS Tickets, Skill Boosts and 89 - 95 OVR TOTS Reserve Players from that League.


Pro tip: Spend up to 4,400 Reserves Tokens in each Reserve chapter to claim 3,000 TOTS Tickets from the Milestone to use in the League Reward Path of your choice!


League Pass


Access the League Passes through the Live Events, or through the buttons in the Chapters. 


TOTS Pass.png


You gain progress for all active League Passes by completing the Daily TOTS Quests and claiming the TOTS Pass Credits.


Gain progress through the League* Pass and earn League* Points, Reserves Tokens, TOTS Tickets, 89-95 OVR Reserves Players, Coins, Skill Boosts and Rank Items.


Pro Tip: League Passes can provide a nice boost in League Points, Reserves Tokens and TOTS Tickets.


Star Pass


A big event like TOTS deserves a big Star Pass. The Star Pass during TOTS features 125 levels of excellent rewards, including:


League Points, TOTS Tickets, Reserves Tokens, TOTS Emote, two new Stadiums, Logos, Training Transfer Items, Gems, 86+ OVR Global TOTS Players, TOTS Kit, Skill Boosts, Coins, Rankup Items, and Enhanced Event Icons.


Star PAss.png


Pro Tip: The Premium Star Pass includes a 95 & 98 OVR Event Icon!




Complete Daily TOTS Quests to earn League Points, Reserves Tokens, and progression towards all active League Passes. 


The Weekly Quests are a bit harder to complete, but they offer better Rewards. Complete them to earn League Points, TOTS Tickets, Reserves Tokens and 89+ OVR League Reserve Players!


TOTY Quest.png


Pro Tip: Keep track of your Daily and Weekly Quests to complete them on time, don't forget to complete the Intro to TOTS Quests!


Daily Login


Log in daily to claim your Daily Login Rewards. They offer additional TOTS Tickets and Reserves Tokens. 


Pro Tip: Daily Login Rewards are available after Reset Time 19:00 UTC. 




During TOTS we will have a variety of Exchanges available, let's continue to see what’s on offer!


Trade in 89+ League TOTS Players in League Specific Exchanges for League Points. The League Exchanges will only be available for one week after the League unlocks.


Head over to the Exchange for TOTS Tickets Exchanges and Reserves Tokens Exchanges to trade in Gold+ and Elite+ Players for TOTS Tickets and Reserves Tokens that refresh each week, starting on Monday.




Keep an eye out on the Exchange for special Player Exchanges that unlock throughout the event, including untradable 94 OVR TOTS Reserves!


Also, make sure to check in to the Exchanges every Monday for new Global League Reserves and Starters, starting with the Eredivisie!








League Points Exchange

One 89+ TOTS Player from corresponding league 

1000 League Points

2 per week

TOTS Tickets

Three 70+ OVR Players

150 TOTS Tickets

3 per week

Reserve Tokens

Two 80+ OVR Players

One 85+ OVR Player

200 Reserve Tokens

2 per week

Tip: Exchanges are a great way to earn TOTS Tickets, League* Points, Reserves Tokens and TOTS Players!


Challenge Mode


Access Challenge Mode through the Live Events.


Play through Matches on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to earn League* Points. The requirements for these Matches can be found in the Conditions.


Every Challenge Mode will include 5 Matches of increasing difficulty.


Challenge Mode.png


Pro Tip: Earn up to 1075 League Points per Challenge Mode! That’s up to 3225 League Points for a specific League!


*League is any of the following Leagues: Community, Serie A TIM, Ligue 1 Uber Eats, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander. League* Points are indicated by a generic League* Points logo in the Guides and Banners.



That wraps up our Team of the Season Guide. We would love to hear your opinion about the event, so please head over to our TOTS Feedback Thread and leave a comment!


Would you like to see more TOTS and FIFA Mobile videos? Then head over to our YouTube channel!.

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FIFA Mobile - Ultimate TOTS

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Hello FIFA Mobile Community!


The moment that you’ve all been waiting for: Ultimate Team of the Season is here!


Ultimate Team of the Season is the part of TOTS that contains the best players in the game with the highest OVRs and greatest stats. Learn how to obtain the best of the best in the Ultimate Guide!


Event duration: June 16th - June 30th (14 days)


Basic Event Flow

  • Complete Skill Games every 12 hours for League *Points and TOTS Tickets
  • Complete weekly Matches to earn Ultimate Points.
  • Claim TOTS Starters for Ultimate Exchange Tokens.
  • Complete Ultimate Exchanges using TOTS Reserves or Starters and Ultimate Exchange Tokens to earn Ultimate Points.
  • Progress through the Ultimate TOTS Pass to earn TOTS Tickets and Ultimate Points.
  • Play Challenge Mode for TOTS Tickets
  • Complete Milestones for EFIGS Reserve Players and a Prime Icon!





Main - Skill Games


The daily Skill Games in Main will be a bit different during Ultimate TOTS; complete them to claim more League* Points and TOTS Tickets!


Don’t forget to claim your daily Free Claim Reward for an additional 100 TOTS Tickets!


Skill Game

Reward 1

Reward 2

Reward 3

Skill Game 1 - Day

200 Community Point

20 TOTS Tickets


Skill Game 2 - Day

200 Premier League Point

20 TOTS Tickets


Skill Game 3 - Day

200 Bundesliga Point

20 TOTS Tickets

25 Reserves Tokens

Skill Game 1 - Night

200 LaLiga Santander Point

20 TOTS Tickets


Skill Game 2 - Night

200 Ligue 1 Uber Eats Point

20 TOTS Tickets


Skill Game 3 - Night

200 Serie A TIM Point

20 TOTS Tickets

25 Reserves Tokens



Ultimate League* Matches


Head over to the Ultimate Chapter to find 6 Matches to play weekly! These Matches might seem a little familiar to you; To play them you need 6 TOTS Players in your team relevant to their League. 


Winning them rewards you with 5 Ultimate Points! That’s an additional 30 Ultimate Points per week for two weeks!


TOTS Matches.png


Ultimate Quests


During Ultimate TOTS there will be specific Quests available to boost our TOTS Tickets balance, earn Reserves Tokens, and obtain additional 89+ OVR League* Players!


Challenge Mode


Receive additional TOTS Tickets by completing Challenge Mode! TOTS Tickets can be traded in through all League Chapters to receive Points for that League, so be sure to snag them!


Winning all Matches in Challenge Mode gives 575 TOTS Tickets per day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. That’s 1725 TOTS Tickets per week!


Ultimate Exchanges


Trade in Ultimate Exchange Tokens, from the League* Rewards Paths, and TOTS Starter Players from any League for Ultimate Points through the Starter Exchange in the Ultimate Chapter. 


Additionally you can complete up to three Reserve Exchanges that reward you with 50 Ultimate Points each!






94 OVR TOTS Stater

400 Ultimate Exchange Tokens

40 Ultimate Points

95 OVR TOTS Starter

500 Ultimate Exchange Tokens

55 Ultimate Points

96 OVR TOTS Starter

600 Ultimate Exchange Tokens

70 Ultimate Points

97 TOTS Starter

700 Ultimate Exchange Tokens

85 Ultimate Points

98 TOTS Starter

800 Ultimate Exchange Tokens

125 Ultimate Points

( 5 ) 89+ OVR League* Reserve

( 3 ) 90+ OVR League* Reserve

( 2 ) 91+ OVR League* Reserve

( 1 ) 93+ OVR League* Reserve

50 Ultimate Points


Ultimate TOTS Pass


The Ultimate TOTS Pass is a great way to claim additional TOTS Tickets and Ultimate Points. The free rewards include 50 Ultimate Points and the paid rewards contain an additional 100 Ultimate Points!


Ultimate TOTS Pass.png




Acquiring Ultimate Points gives you progression towards the Milestones. Complete the milestones for some great rewards such as an EFIGS Reserve Player, Ultimate EFIGS Reserve Player, and a Prime Icon!



Ultimate Starters


This is it, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for, the best of the best, these are your Ultimate TOTS Players!


Ultimate TOTS Starter.png



Ultimate Points

101 OVR Ultimate Starter Karim Benzema

700 Ultimate Points

101 OVR Ultimate Starter Kevin de Bruyne

700 Ultimate Points

101 OVR Ultimate Starter Robert Lewandowski

700 Ultimate Points

100 OVR Ultimate Starter Mohamed Salah

500 Ultimate Points

100 OVR Ultimate Starter Kylian Mbappé

500 Ultimate Points

100 OVR Ultimate Starter Virgil van Dijk

500 Ultimate Points

100 OVR Ultimate Starter Mike Maignan

500 Ultimate Points

99 OVR Ultimate Starter Chrispher Nkunku

350 Ultimate Points

99 OVR Ultimate Starter Trent Alexander-Arnold

350 Ultimate Points

99 OVR Ultimate Starter Marquinhos

350 Ultimate Points

99 OVR Ultimate Starter Theo Hernández

350 Ultimate Points


Ultimate Reserves


Ultimate Reserve Players are obtained differently than the Starters. You will first have to convert your Ultimate Points into a Reserve Choice Token to be able to claim them. You’ll do this in the Ultimate Chapter at the designated offer. 


There is a one time discounted offer for 225 Ultimate Points to obtain your first Reserve Choice Point to claim a Ultimate Reserve Player! The next offer you can purchase is for 300 Ultimate Points.


For example; If you have 525 Ultimate Points, then you can first claim the discounted offer for 225 Ultimate Points and claim your first Ultimate Reserve Player. Then you can use your remaining 300 Ultimate Points to claim the subsequent offers.



Ultimate Points Cost


1 Reserve Choice Token

225 Ultimate Points (one time discounted offer!)


1 Reserve Choice Token

300 Ultimate Points



Once you’ve obtained a Reserve Choice Token, you can claim these amazing Ultimate Reserve Players!


Ultimate TOTS Reserves.png



Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Heung Min Son

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Domenico Berardi

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve João Cancelo

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Joshua Kimmich

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Thibaut Courtois

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Kalidou Koulibaly

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Luka Modrić

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Wissam Ben Yedder

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Rúben Dias

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Rafael Leão

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Aurelien Tchouaméni

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Jude Bellingham

1 Reserve Choice Token

98 OVR Ultimate Reserve Lucas Paquetá

1 Reserve Choice Token


Do you have some leftover Ultimate Points? Then trade them in for resources in the Ultimate Point Buyout Offer!


Leftover Ultimate Points.png




currencyItem_UltimateExchangeToken_TOTS.pngUltimate Exchange Tokens

  • Earn them from claiming TOTS Starter Players in the League* Rewards Chapters.
  • Use them in Ultimate > Starter Exchanges to claim Ultimate Points.


currencyItem_Points_UTOTS.pngUltimate Points

  • Earn them from: Ultimate Exchanges, Ultimate League* Matches, and Ultimate TOTS Pass.
  • Spend them in Ultimate TOTS for Ultimate Starter Players.


currencyItem_UltimateReserveToken_TOTS.pngReserve Choice Token

  • Spend Ultimate Points on the offer to claim a Reserve Choice Token.
  • Spend them in Ultimate TOTS for Ultimate Reserve Players.
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