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FIFA Mobile - Spring is in the air - Easter time!

by AmtAmt57

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FIFA Mobile - Spring is in the air - Easter time!

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Greeting Footballers from around the World!


With Spring in the air, our latest installment focuses on our newest FIFA Mobile program - Easter.  Easter brings many different activities you can participate in, and it also ushers the return of the Golden Egg, which has a chance at a Golden Ticket that awards a custom, 100 OVR player!  So let’s look at the various features of the Easter program.


Easter Event is broken up into 4 primary Chapter sets:


  • The Egg Hunt Chapter
  • The 4 Storybook Chapters
  • The Basket Rewards
  • Easter Festival Chapter.


Egg Hunt:




First off, we’ll start with the Egg Hunt.  You will play VSA/H2H style matches (no OVR limit) to earn eggs as you work to fill up your slots.  You begin with 4 slots, and have the option to upgrade to a 5th slot. The way Eggs work are very similar to VSA/H2H chests.  You will need to hatch your eggs to get your rewards, and you can choose to hatch them based off the timers, or you can use Hatch Points to immediately hatch your egg. There are various ways to earn Hatch Points, and they are as follows:


  • Storybook Chapters
  • Purchase the Hatch Point reward to earn a free daily reward
  • Earn Hatch Points from watching ads.


There are 7 different types of Eggs that you can find, each with their own unique rewards.  The Eggs and their rewards are as follows:




As you probably noticed, each egg you hatch contains Basket Points.  Basket Points are used to purchase rewards, and we’ll discuss this further down in this article.  If you are fortunate enough to hatch a Golden Egg that contains a Golden Ticket, you will be rewarded with a custom 100 OVR player of your choice.  You will be given information on how to contact us to receive your custom 100 OVR player (Player must be currently available or from past FIFA Mobile season 3 packs or event content).    



Storybook Chapters:




The Easter event has 4 Storybook Chapters:


  • Hare
  • Tulip
  • Lamb
  • Chick

Each Chapter is available for three days, and cost stamina to progress.  So make sure to hop in there and engage when each is available. The schedule for the Storybook Chapters is as follows:



You will participate in a mix of Matches and Skill Games to progress through each Chapter. Each Match and Skill game have their own rewards which are as follows:


  • TXP
  • Boosts
  • Coins
  • Hatch Points
  • Basket Points
  • Exclusive Elite Players

By reaching the end of each chapter, you will claim an exclusive Easter player and a special Hatch Point reward usable in the Festival Chapter when it opens.  



Basket Rewards Chapter:



So now that you’ve accumulated Basket Points from the Egg Hunt and Storybook Chapters, you are able to spend your Basket Points on your choice of Rewards to improve your Ultimate Team.  The various rewards, and their costs, are as follows:



Additionally, there are OVR/Boost unlocks associated with claiming specific rewards.  These Unlocks are as follows:

  • Free 95 OVR unlock found in the Egg Hunt Chapter
  • Claim any 95 OVR player for a 98 OVR unlock
  • Claim any 96-99 OVR player for a 99 OVR unlock
  • Claim Prime Icon Shevchenko for a 100 OVR unlock
  • Claim Prime Icon Matthaus to unlock Boost Level 23



Easter Festival:




The Easter Festival Chapter unlocks towards the end of the Easter Event. For every successful completion of a Storybook Chapter, you will unlock a reward path consisting of various matches and skill games that reward the following:


  • Hatch Points
  • Boosts
  • Coins
  • Hare Logo
  • Tulip Logo
  • Lamb Logo
  • Chick Logo
  • Easter Logo (must complete the 4 previous logos)
  • Exclusive Player (earned by completing all Easter Festival Nodes)


If you did not successfully complete some of the Storybook Chapter nodes, don’t worry!  You can still use gems to unlock these rewards.



So there you have it, Easter in an eggshell.  Remember to follow us on Twitter  Best of luck to everyone during this event, and see you on the pitch!

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