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FIFA Mobile - Rivalries

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Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


Hold your club scarf up high as we celebrate football's biggest rivalries in the new Rivalries event!


Complete Daily and Weekly Quests to earn Rivalries Players. Trade them into SBCs for even better rewards, as you work towards earning Ultimate Rivalries Players. You’ll then take part in a 3-part Challenge Mode, with different matches to play throughout the week!


Rivalries starts now!


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 Rivalries Points per ad
  • Daily Claim: Daily Login Reward (See section further below for details)
  • Event Duration: August 26th - September 16th (21 Days)
  • Event Player + Prime/Event Icon Chemistry: 40

Basic Event Flow:

  • Complete Daily and Weekly Quests for Rivalries Points
  • Compete in the Challenge Mode for extra Rivalries Points
  • Claim rewards such as Rivalries Points from the Rivalries Pass
  • Open Rivalries Player Packs with your Rivalries Points
  • Trade in Players to SBCs for Ultimate Rivalries Points
  • Use your Ultimate Rivalries Points towards 107 and 108 OVR Players




In Rivalries, you’ll notice it has a different format than usual events. Instead of using event energy towards daily skill games or matches, you complete daily and weekly quests for Rivalries Points.


Daily Quests

Reward 1 

Reward 2

Play 1 VS Attack Match

2 Rivalries Points

25 Rivalries Pass Score

Play 1 Head to Head Match

2 Rivalries Points

25 Rivalries Pass Score

Play 2 Skill Games or Seasons Matches

3 Rivalries Points

25 Rivalries Pass Score

Win 3 Division Rivals Matches

5 Rivalries Points


Score 10 Goals Anywhere

2 Rivalries Points

25 Rivalries Pass Score

Score 30 Goals Anywhere

3 Rivalries Points


Score 50 Goals Anywhere

4 Rivalries Points

25 Skill Boosts


Weekly Quests

Reward 1 

Win 25 Division Rivalries Matches

20 Rivalries Points

Score 400 Goals Anywhere

20 Rivalries Points

Claim Rivalries Pass Reward

10 Rivalries Points

Participate in Challenge Mode

10 Rivalries Points

Participate in 3 League Matches

15 Rivalries Points

Complete all the Weekly Quests

1 93+ Rivalries Player

Rivalries (1).png


Rivalries (2).png


From there, use your Rivalries Points to open Packs for Rivalries Players. All Rivalries Players are auctionable. There are two types of Packs divided by league, both with different costs and player OVR ranges.


Standard Packs also include Coins as a possible reward.


There are packs for these leagues:

  • Premier League
  • LaLiga Santander
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A TIM
  • Ligue 1 UberEats

Pack Type


Player OVR Range

Standard Pack

25 Rivalries Points

96-104 OVR

Premium Pack

250 Rivalries Points

102-104 OVR


Rest of World Packs have different costs and OVR ranges than the other league packs.


ROW Pack Type


Player OVR Range

Standard ROW Pack

15 Rivalries Points

93-100 OVR

Premium ROW Pack

150 Rivalries Points

99-100 OVR

Rivalries (6).png


Rivalries (7).png


Rivalries (8).png


Pack Probabilities

(More detailed probabilities are available in-game)


Standard Pack





96 OVR Player


97 OVR Player


98 OVR Player


99 OVR Player


100 OVR Player


102 OVR Player


104 OVR Player



Premium Pack



102 OVR Player


104 OVR Player



The contents of packs are dynamically generated and probabilities are verified using a computational simulation. All pack probabilities are rounded down for accuracy reasons. Any probability percentages that you see are on a pack-by-pack basis and are not cumulative. That means that each pack opening is an independent event; opening multiple packs does not change the likelihood of being awarded an item from a specific category. Tap here for more details.


There are also exclusive offers in the main chapter that refresh every day. These include more Rivalries Points and Players, so check them out daily to see what’s new.


Rivalries (5).png


Ultimate Rivalries

Trade in your Rivalries Players to SBCs for Ultimate Rival Points. You can then use your Ultimate Rival Points towards 107 and 108 OVR Rivalries Players of your choice.

Rivalries (13).png


All Rivalries and Ultimate Rivalries Players are immediately auctionable. This means that you can use Rivalries Players purchased from the market in these SBCs.



Req 1

Req 2

Req 3

Req 4

Req 5



8 Total Rivalries Players

6 Leagues minimum

4 Players minimum 98 OVR

2 Players minimum 99 OVR

1 Player minimum 102 OVR

15 Ultimate Rival Points


3 Total Rivalries Players

3 Leagues minimum

3 Players minimum 102 OVR

1 Player minimum 104 OVR


30 Ultimate Rival Points


Rivalries (14).png


Ultimate Rivalries Players


107 OVR

40 Ultimate Rival Points

108 OVR

65 Ultimate Rival Points


Rivalries (16).png


Rivalries (17).png


If you have excess Ultimate Rivals Points, there’s a trade-in offer in the store that gives 15 Rivalries Points in exchange for 1 Ultimate Rivals Points.


Rivalries Pass

Complete Daily Quests to earn Rivalries Pass Score and progress through the Rivalries Pass. Once you reach the end of the Pass, claim 150 Skill Boosts for every extra 300 Pass Score you earn during the event.


Earn extra rewards based on how many Rivalries Points and Ultimate Rivalries Points you use!


Rivalries Points Used



50 Skill Boosts


25,000 Training XP


200 Skill Boosts


100 Common Shards


750 Skill Boosts


100,000 Training XP


1500 Skill Boosts


40 Rare Shards


1,000,000 Coins


2500 Skill Boosts


30 Epic Shards


4000 Skill Boosts


102-104 OVR Rivalries Player


30 Epic Shards


10 Legendary Shards

Rivalries (20).png


Ultimate Rival Points Earned



2500 Skill Boosts


Choice of one 97 OVR Event Icon*


Prime Icon 109 OVR CB Carles Puyol


*Claim the other Event Icon for 6250 Gems or 2500 FIFA Points.

Rivalries (18).png


Rivalries (19).png




Claim 3 Rivalries Pass Rewards

93+ Rivalries Player

Challenge Mode

Bring your ‘A’ game to the new Challenge Mode! Every few days, there’s a new type of gauntlet path to play through. Meet the team requirements and spend coins to begin your run. Win the matches to earn Rivalries Points. If you fail to win the match, your turn ends. There’s an option to spend 75 Gems or 30 FP to retry from where you got knocked out.


The 3 types of Challenge Modes:


5 PvE Matches

  • Friday to Monday
  • 100,000 Coin Entry Cost
  • 30 Total Rivalries Points
  • 5 Rivalries Players in your active lineup

Rivalries (24).png


3 VSA Matches

  • Monday to Wednesday
  • 50,000 Coin Entry Cost
  • 18 Total Rivalries Points
  • Draws let you replay
  • Custom base player lineups (130 OVR teams)

Rivalries (29).png


Rivalries (27).png



3 PvE Matches

  • Wednesday to Friday
  • 50,000 Coin Entry Cost
  • 15 Total Rivalries Points
  • 5 Rivalries Players in your active lineup

Rivalries (30).png


Daily Login Reward

Claim your daily reward here every time you log in to the Rivalries event. The reward unlocks every day at 19:00 UTC. Earn a 93+ Rivalries Player on Day 7! After that, the reward path then resets back to Day 1. The path is not dependent on consecutive days, so if you miss a day you won’t lose your progress.

Rivalries (4).png



RIVALRIES_POINT.pngRivalries Points

    • Earn them from Daily and Weekly Quests, Ads, Rivalries Pass and the Challenge Mode.
    • Use them towards Rivalries Players in Packs.


ULTIMATE_RIVAL_POINT.pngUltimate Rival Points

    • Earn them from completing SBCs with Rivalries Players.
    • Use them towards Ultimate Rivalries Players.


currency_Score_Rivalries.pngRivalries Pass Score

    • Earn them from Daily Quests.
    • Use them to progress down the Rivalries Pass.


Hope you enjoy the new event format that Rivalries brings! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Instagram!


Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our Events Feedback topic.


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