FIFA Mobile - Retro Stars

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FIFA Mobile - Retro Stars

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Hello FIFA Mobile Fans,


It’s time for another totally rad edition of Retro Stars! 


Revisit some of your favorite players in this throwback-themed event. A blast from the past!


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Neon Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 Weekly Coin Packs that give 12 Neon Energy for 150,000 coins
  • Energy: Neon Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Neon Energy
  • Event Duration: August 6th - August 27th (21 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play Skill Games, VS Attack, and H2H Matches to earn Retro Points.
  • Spend Retro Points along the Retro Room Path to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Players, Arcade Tokens and other rewards.
  • Play Retro Matches to earn Arcade Tokens and other rewards.
  • Spend Arcade Tokens in the Arcade Box to earn Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts.

Retro Stars Chapter

Use Neon Energy to play Skill Games, VSA Matches and H2H Matches to get Retro Points.




Match Type


Win Rewards

Draw Rewards

Loss Rewards

Skill Games

3 Neon Energy

10 Retro Points


5 Retro Points

VS Attack

3 Neon Energy

15 Retro Points

10 Retro Points

5 Retro Points


3 Neon Energy

15 Retro Points

10 Retro Points

5 Retro Points


Play a Match Type 15 times to unlock a Bonus Match that offers 100 Arcade Tokens.


Earn Daily Retro Points when you use 20 Neon Energy. The amount of Retro Points you receive depends on the total amount of Neon Energy you’ve used to date.


Daily Milestone Requirement

Total Neon Energy Spent 

Milestone Reward

Use 20 Neon Energy

Between 0-149

25 Retro Points

Use 20 Neon Energy

Between 150-299

50 Retro Points

Use 20 Neon Energy

Between 300-499

100 Retro Points

Use 20 Neon Energy

500 and over

200 Retro Points


Retro Room Path

Redeem your Retro Points here to earn Retro Stars Players. Claim 4 Path Players to earn a 99 OVR End of an Era CDM Bruno Soriano. Earn 6000 Retro Points to earn a 100 OVR Player. Claim both 104 OVR Path Players to earn 106 OVR Prime Icon Robert Pires!



Top Players Available




Arcade Claw Chapter

Use your Retro Tokens in the Arcade Claw to earn Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts. The more times you play, the more milestones you unlock!



Milestone Requirement

Milestone Reward

Play Arcade Claw 10 Times

30 Common Rank Shards

Play Arcade Claw 15 Times

EOE 99 OVR LB Leighton Baines

Play Arcade Claw 30 Times

40 Rare Rank Shards


Retro Memory Chapters

Play Matches here to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Retro Points, Players, Hazard Keys, and Logos. Complete an SBC with 11 Master Players to earn extra Coins. Earn all the available Hazard Keys to earn a 99 OVR End of an Era ST Mario Gomez!



Retro Memory Chapter (Week 2)

Play Skill Games for random rewards, including a Hazard Key. Complete all 9 Skill Games for an extra 100 Retro Points. This chapter counts towards the EOE Mario Gomez milestone.




currency_RetroPoints-_RetroStars.pngRetro Points

  • Earn them from VS Attack, Skill Games, and Matches.
  • Spend them in the Retro Room Path.


currency_ArcadeTokens_RetroStars.pngRetro Tokens

  • Earn them from matches in the Special Chapters or the Bonus Match. 
  • Spend them in the Arcade Claw Chapter.


There are 2 weekly SBCs available for Retro Stars! Exchange Retro Stars and other Players for Common, Rare, and Epic Rank Shards.




Req 1

Req 2


Reward 2

Rank SBC 1

1 Per Week

2 86+ Retro Stars Players

3 other 86+ Players

50 Common Rank Shards

30 Rare Rank Shards

Rank SBC 2

1 Per Week

2 90+ Retro Stars Players

3 other 90+ Players

30 Rare Rank Shards

15 Epic Rank Shards


Have fun with Retro Stars! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our Events Feedback topic.

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