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FIFA Mobile - Rankup Preview

by AmtAmt57

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FIFA Mobile - Rankup Preview

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Greetings footballers from around the world!


Our current blog will focus on an exciting new feature to this season’s FIFA Mobile, Ranks.  For those familiar with last season, there are similarities and we will do our best to convey those. So let’s cut right to the chase!


So let’s have a quick overview of ranks:

  • Every 3 player ranks equals +1 TEAM OVR.  So again, you need 3 individual players ranked to gain +1 TEAM OVR.
  • Player ranks across separate Players add up towards the team OVR requirement (needing 3 players for +1 TEAM OVR); so if Player 1 has 2 ranks and player 2 has 1 rank, both players added would have 3 ranks and attain the TEAM OVR goal.
  • Players do not require a specific dupe anymore
  • Rank tokens are generic per tier.  This is a change from previous season when you had individual tokens such as Goal Keeper, Defender etc.
  • Higher ranks (R2+) require multiple tokens from different tiers. For example, rank 2 requires R1 and R2 tokens, R3 requires R1, R2 and R3 tokens.  We will post more information about this as it becomes available.
  • Rank tokens can be earned through engagement in various events.  Additionally, there will be offers available as well.
  • To rank a player successfully, that player will require an additional player of a specific OVR as well as satisfying the position requirement (Mid needs Mid etc).  That specific player can be trained to the target OVR or it can be a base player, and it can be at or above the target OVR.  So a 90+ can accept a trained 90, 91, 92 etc, or a base 90, 91, 92 etc.  
  • A player needs to be 100 OVR to be eligible to receive Rank Tokens and be ranked up.  Upon reaching 100 OVR, the training screen will be replaced with the rank up screen.  This does NOT include rank transfers. Rank transfers follow a different protocol.
  • You can transfer ranks from a 100 OVR to a lesser OVR (sub 100 OVR) and that lesser OVR will now be 100 OVR and ranked. So essentially the same as last year.


So this is a brief overview of rank features.  Here’s a look at the sample rank up UI as well as what Rank Tokens will look like.  Again, this UI only appears once a player is 100 OVR.  On rank transfers to players 99 OVR and below, the training screen will still be accessible, and you will drop your ranked player into the training area, hit train, and the rank will be transferred.

For those curious, this is what Rank Tokens will look like:




And this is the new UI:




NOTE: The target player to be ranked is already Rank 1, so this shows what a Rank 2 player requires.


So using the screenshot above, to rank your player who is already Rank 1, you will need the following:

  1. Target Player at 100 OVR or already ranked. Coman satisfies these conditions.
  2. Coins, in this case, 2,500,000 coins.
  3. One base OR trained player at 94 OVR or above.
  4. 50 Rank 1 Tokens
  5. 100 Rank 2 Tokens


And that’s it! Simple as that, hit the “rank up button” and you are set with a nice new Rank 2 Player!


Rank Requirements:


Lastly, we will be updating this table with rank requirements as new ranks become available.  Currently will be previewing through Rank 2:




So there you have it, Ranks!  We are excited to bring this feature to all our users and we hope you enjoy it.  Please make sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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