FIFA Mobile - New Season: Gameplay Preview

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FIFA Mobile - New Season: Gameplay Preview

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Hello FIFA Mobile Community,


We’re excited to share a slew of gameplay improvements and changes coming to the new season. These will include Team Management, VS Attack, Head to Head, Stamina, and Skill Move UIs, among many other new features.


There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get into it!



VS Attack

We’ve made quality of life improvements to your favourite 90 second mode to make things feel faster, fairer, and more fun.


  • Kickoffs are removed from VS Attack. Your first chance will now start in a basic central position just outside the box.
  • Corner kicks are removed from VS Attack. Shots or deflections that go off a defender will now result in your next chance being queued up. This has no effect on the quality of your next possession.
  • Counter attacks no longer exist. Expect to see more Basic Chances if the OVR difference is large enough.
  • We made improvements to how quickly chances end if dispossessed by a defender. AI defenders will also clear the ball faster than before.


All these changes also apply to League vs. League.


Team Management

Take full control of your squad’s substitutions, in-game positions, and set piece takers with new team management features.



Set Piece Takers & Captain

Flex your managerial muscle! Choose the right players to take your set pieces and take full advantage of any dead ball situation.



In the My Team menu, choose your set piece takers and your captain. The following can be selected:

  • Penalty Taker
  • Short Free Kick
  • Long Free Kick
  • Left Corner Taker
  • Right Corner Taker
  • Captain

Set piece takers and captain choices will affect VS Attack, Head to Head, League vs. League, and AI Matches. The players that participate in various Skill Games are not affected by these choices.



Bring on a pacey winger to threaten your opponent’s tired defenders or swap out your exhausted box-to-box midfielder with new substitutions!


Set up to 7 subs in your My Team. You can also toggle the “Suggested Sub” option to receive automatic subs suggestions during your match. A timer will begin in the top right corner with the suggested sub, which can be cancelled if you do not wish to make the sub.


You can now make on-the-fly substitutions by pulling up the live sub menu. The menu can be brought up at any point in a match without needing to pause. Set your bench of 7 subs before kickoff, and make up to 3 subs during the course of the match. 



Live Position Changes

By using the same in-game substitution menu, you can move players to different positions within your formation. For example, bring your towering Center Back up to Striker for a final stoppage time goal push. All players except Goalkeepers can be moved around your formation.

New Season- Gameplay Preview Hd-1_Moment(2).jpg



Stamina is a new feature added that brings a new level of gameplay authenticity. Players now have a stamina charge that will deplete naturally over the course of a match and based on certain actions.


Player stamina is shown in two locations: individual player icon (triangle) and in the substitution menu. Players have a stamina attribute which can be found on the Player Bio page (not viewable while in a match). The stamina attribute affects how quickly a player loses stamina as well as how quickly they can recover.

New Season- Gameplay Preview Hd-1_Moment (2).jpg

New Season- Gameplay Preview Hd-1_Moment(6).jpg


Your players’ stamina will drop regularly throughout a match but the following actions will cause a faster loss of stamina:


  • Performing Skill Moves
  • Performing Slide Tackles
  • Using Press Marking
  • Using 2nd Defender

When a player reaches low stamina levels during a match, passing and shooting accuracy may be negatively affected, as well as skill move effectiveness. At near-zero stamina levels, sprint speed will be reduced.


Keeping track of player stamina is key to winning matches, so you’ll want to manage your substitutions wisely.


Skill Moves

If you’re an experienced player, you know how important skill moves are for creating space and getting past defenders. This season will bring 6 new skill moves to master and unlock:


  • Drag Back Spin
  • Open Up Fake Shot
  • Lateral Heel to Heel
  • Big Lane Change
  • Flair Rainbow
  • Feint and Exit

Drag Back Spin


Open Up Fake Shot

Lateral Heel to Heel

Big Lane Change

Flair Rainbow

Feint and Exit


Team Skill Moves is a new feature that lets you assign skill moves to different swipe directions. Choose the skill moves you want for left, right, up, and down swipes based on what works best for your playing style. Unlock more skill moves and test them out in a practice match!



All players now have a 1 to 5-star rating assigned to them, which determines what skill moves they can perform. For example, a 4-star skill player can only perform 1 to 4-star skill moves, but not a 5-star skill move. All players will still have a regular tap skill move that is personal to them.




Consecutive Skill Move Error

Using back-to-back skill moves is now much more difficult in matches. If you chain multiple skill moves, it will affect player dribbling error and dribbling speed. This means that there is a progressively greater chance of losing the ball after consecutive skill moves. This affects all skill moves, regardless of order or type.


Passing to a teammate or waiting a few seconds resets your player’s dribbling error level. The reason for this change is to better balance Head to Head gameplay and encourage more variety in attacking play.


When performing a skill move in general, the Agility stat affects the speed of the skill move while the Ball Control stat determines the potential error rating. 


Display HUD

There’s a new scoreboard look and layout to gameplay. Here’s what’s new:

New Season- Gameplay Preview.jpg


  • Substitution Menu
  • Defensive, Balanced, Attacking mentality is now added to AI Matches
  • Camera Angle Button (4 options)
  • Ping Connectivity Rating in Head to Head and VS Attack
  • Team Logos & Score showing on the pitch during kickoffs
  • Emote Messages

Additional Changes

Some other changes we wanted to highlight include:


  • Improved ball retention by defenders when making a successful standing tackle. This was accomplished by reducing the distance a ball travels after a well-timed standing tackle. This does not affect slide tackles.
  • Shooting in general is faster and more accurate than the current season.
  • Shooting with a full power bar has a higher chance of missing the net.

Thank you for reading this gameplay deep dive, we hope you’re as excited for the new season as we are!


-The FIFA Mobile Team

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