FIFA Mobile - New Season: Core Content + Market

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FIFA Mobile - New Season: Core Content + Market

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Hello FIFA Mobile Community,


Our next deep dive will be going over the Core Content and Market in the new season! We’ll touch on Icon Journeys, Daily Training, League Tour, Star Pass, Division Rivals and the Market. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!


IconJourneys (2).png


Icon Journeys

The goal here is simple: play through several matches and complete a number of milestones to earn your very own Prime Icon. If you played the Gullit event from last season, you’ll be familiar with the format.


IconJourneys (3).png


IconJourneys (1).png


IconJourneys (4).png




Daily Training

Jump into a few quick Skill Games and Matches with Daily Training. You’ll earn Points that you can use towards base rewards.










League Tour

Play more daily Skill Games and Matches to earn more rewards and players.



Star Pass and Quests

Like in previous seasons, complete daily and weekly quests to earn base rewards and Star Pass Points. Quests include playing VS Attack and Head to Head matches, Skill Games, or scoring a certain number of goals. 





Earning Star Pass Points will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. There are two tiers to the Star Pass: free and paid. You can also use FIFA Points to skip through Star Pass levels and collect rewards faster.


Division Rivals

The competitive mode that you know well is making a return in the new season. Play VS Attack or Head to Head to rise up the ranks and challenge for better rewards. Battle it out against the best to finish on the leaderboards and earn logos.


DivisionRivals (3).png



  • Amateur III, II, I
  • Pro III, II, I 
  • World Class III, II, I
  • Legendary III, II, I
  • FIFA Champion

Individual Match Rewards

Earn Star Pass Points and Coins for every Division Rivals match you play. This will get you progress along the Star Pass path for extra rewards.

DivisionRivals (1).png


Division Rivals Promotion Rewards

Every time you move up a Division, you’ll receive Coins and Rank Up item rewards. Rise up all the way to FIFA Champion to earn the most promotion rewards.

DivisionRivals (2).png


Division Rivals Season Rewards

At the end of every month, receive specific rewards based on the Division you reached. If you reach over 1 million Fans, you’ll be reset back to 1 million Fans after the month.

DivisionRivals (4).png


Leaderboard Logos

For the best VS Attack and Head to Head players, you can continue to compete for leaderboard placement in Division Rivals. There are special logos for both VS Attack and Head to Head leaderboard: Top 250, Top 100, Top 50, Top 10, and #3, #2, #1.



The Market is back in the new season with some slight changes to the format. The Market is now Peer to Peer, meaning that you need another user to directly purchase your player for it to sell. However, the main theme is still the same: use the Market to buy and sell players.


Finding a player

There are two ways to find players to purchase on the Market. You can either search directly for the player, or you can go to the Recommended section for continuously refreshing Market listings. The search filter lets you search by Name, OVR, Team, League, Nation, Program, and Skill Boost.

Market (13).png


Purchasing a player

Once you’ve found the player you want to purchase, you can put in a purchase order at a select price. There is a minimum and maximum order price you can submit, based on player demand. If another user lists your desired player at your committed price, then you will officially purchase the player. The Market works on a queue, so if there are multiple purchase orders at the same price, the purchase will go to the user who submitted the purchase order first.


Market (1).png

Prices shown in the screenshot above are for illustrative purposes only.


Market (7).png


Selling a player

Selling a player works in a similar fashion to purchasing. Head over to “My Players” and you’ll be able to see the players available for you to sell. Make sure to unlock your players (on the player details screen in My Team) to make them available to sell. From there, press the Sell button to bring up the listing page. You have the option to sell your player on the Market for any price between the current highest and lowest price. There is also the option to quick sell your player for a heavily discounted amount.


From there you’ll see your live sale listing in “My Orders”. You’ll get a notification if a buyer purchases your player listing and you’ll receive the coin amount. All Market sales receive a 10% deduction. If your player listing isn’t selling, you have the option to Relist it at a different price.

Market (3).png


With the price curve for each player, you can monitor what price other players are buying and selling their players for. From there, you can decide if you want to wait for the player to decrease in price before purchasing him!

Market (11).png


Market (12).png



If there’s a player you’d like to keep an eye on but you aren’t ready to purchase, add him to your watchlist! Here you can track his latest price and decide to purchase at a later date.


Market (5).png


Thanks for reading about what’s coming up with Core Content and the Market. Stay tuned for more info coming soon and we'll see you when the new season starts on January 18th!


-The FIFA Mobile Team


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