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FIFA Mobile - Marquee Stars

by EA_Jason

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FIFA Mobile - Marquee Stars

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Hi FIFA Mobile Fans!


Today we are introducing our newest event: Marquee Stars! It's time to strap on your boots and check the schedule, because in this event we've got daily activities for you to play. 


Event Duration: Feb 12th - Feb 19th (7 days)

Event Type: Daily Activities

Coin Pack: Daily Coin Pack that gives 6 Marquee Points for 200 000 Coins

Event Energy: Normal Stamina




During this 7-day event, new daily activities will be unlocked, you guessed it, daily. You must complete the previous Day before moving on to the next day, with the exception of the first day of course Wink The activities in the Days can only be completed once.


Use your normal Stamina to play these activities and be rewarded with Marquee Points and XP. You can spend your Marquee Points in the Rewards Chapter. Complete all 7 daily activities to claim the player at the end of the path!


Don't forget to claim your Free Daily Pack that contains 1 Master Token!


Marquee Stars - Schedule.png


Please not that you can only claim Day 2 Node 4 after completing all other nodes and that you can only claim one of the Day 4 nodes.




This is where you use your Marquee Points. There's a special Marquee Booster pack where you can claim 25 Skill Boosts, with a chance of claiming a Marquee Token. Every time that you claim this pack, your chance of claiming a Master Token will go up.


Use your Master Tokens to claim Marquee Masters, a Gold+ Player and Skill Boosts. Claim all Marquee Masters to unlock the node for claiming a 97 OVR Gareth Bale!


Marquee Resources


Marquee Stars - Resources.png


Player Items


Marquee Stars - Players.png


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Have you got any feedback about the event? Then let us know in our Events Feedback topic!

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