FIFA Mobile - March Update

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FIFA Mobile - March Update

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Hello FIFA Mobile Fans! We’ve got some updates coming along the way, and we thought it would be a good time to reveal some of the exciting new updates we have been working on behind the scenes!


Perks Update

First up, we have a Perks update coming very soon! For it, we’re increasing how fast you acquire perks, and the cost for each new perk. If you haven’t completed the first set of the tree, the update will allow you to quickly acquire perks to speed through and start catching up to other players.


For players who had completed the previous tree months ago, your time playing League vs League tournaments are not in vain! You’ll get a bit of a head start with your saved-up Perk Points to claim your first set of Perks.


Expect to see another Perks update later this year.


Squad Building Challenge (SBC)




Next on our list is the return of a past feature, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)! This familiar program that's a favorite for many players will be released in stages to allow users to do more with the players they acquire. Whether it’s trading up for higher quality players, getting coins and skill boosts, working your way to earning some brand new SBC players (98 OVR Sancho!), or earning your favourite kit, SBCs will allow players more options to upgrade and build their Ultimate Team! We’ll be releasing the various types of SBCs with different updates, but there’s a lot to look forward to!


For those not familiar with SBCs, they will show up as a new circular node type that you’ll see in various events.




When you access an SBC, you will see a Starting 11 formation with a list of requirements on the side. In order to complete the SBC you are required to build a squad of players that meet the requirements on the side by using players available from your own roster. All of the requirements must be met in order to complete it. If you are missing a few players to complete an SBC, check out the Market, current Events or the Store to acquire the players you need to complete the SBC.




WARNING: When you meet the requirements for an SBC and confirm your completion of it, the players you’ve used for the SBC will be REMOVED from your account. It’s advised that you only want to use players to complete an SBC that you don’t plan on keeping.






The most requested ask from the player base for months has been “Icons! When and how can I get them?” Well, in the coming weeks, Icons will be featured in their own event and earnable via Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)! Not all Icons will be available from the get-go, but over time we will be adding more and more Icons to the Event.


As a quick note, Icon players and unique SBC players are all non-auctionable. This means that if there’s an Icon you are looking to get, you won’t be able to find them on the Market but you will be able to complete a series of SBC challenges to get the players you desire.


Star Pass Update

Speaking of Icons, there will be some in a new Star Pass update coming next week! On top of having great rewards every month, we’re now also including rewards that can be earned over a longer time period. With the update, you’ll earn Star Tokens that can be saved up and spent on special offers of Coins, Training XP and Skill Boosts either each month, or saved up for following months.


By spending your Star Tokens on special offers, you’ll be on your way to earning Icon Players! The more you engage with Star Pass and other offers, the faster you’ll be able to claim Icon players such as Cannavaro, Best, Gullit, and Prime Icon Roberto Carlos at the end! No need to choose between getting the Icon or getting skill boosts. Just by acquiring the available Skill Boost, Coin and Training XP offers, you’ll be earning progress towards getting the Icon players in Star Pass.


Player Ranks

Just like last year, Player Ranks are making a return to FIFA Mobile! Using Coins, Rank Tokens and other requirements, you will be able to Rank Up multiple of your players, increasing your Team OVR! As an addition this time around, we’ve improved the ability to Transfer Ranks between all your players. You’ll be able to transfer ranks without losing your previous player!




UEFA Champions League

Our Round of 16 UEFA Champions League event will be in-game before the 2nd leg of matches begins! This event will feature all 16 teams currently battling it out to reach the Quarter Finals. As a sneak peek, we plan to allow players to play Skill Games, VSA Matches or H2H Matches as an opportunity to make progress for rewards and players!


Event News

We have some more events coming this March, including a Top Transfers event! It will feature some of the transfers seen in the Winter Transfer window, so keep your eyes peeled!


There are more events yet to be revealed, including one for fans of German Football…


Oh, and one last final thing... have you seen THIS yet?


Looking for more news? Make sure to follow @EAFIFAMOBILE for regular updates on the game!


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