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FIFA Mobile - Carniball is here!

by AmtAmt57

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FIFA Mobile - Carniball is here!

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Greetings Footballers from around the World!


Carnibal is upon us, and FIFA Mobile brings a brand new Carnibal Event to the pitch. Play matches and add some of the best footballers in the world to your Ultimate Team! 


This is a brief overview of Carniball, which should familiarize you with how the event works as well as some of the rewards you can achieve.


So how does Carniball work?




Earn Broken Masks:


Play matches and earn Broken Masks and Carniball Points every 24 hours. You can play 3 matches, watch an advertisement up to 3 times, and claim a free pack to maximize your grinding. 


The daily match pairings are as follows:

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Borussia M'gladbach Real Betis Inter Milan
Cagliari Villareal Manchester United
Olympique de Marseille Bayer 04 Leverkusen Juventus
OGC Nice Fiorentina FC Barcelona





Assuming you complete all of the above events, you will earn a total of 120 Broken Masks and 25 Carniball Points daily just for playing the matches, advertisements and free pack. So over the course of the event, what are my totals looking like?



So now that I have my Broken Masks and Carniball Points, what rewards can I claim with them?




For Carniball Points, the exchanges are as follows.  There's no limit to the amount of times you can complete these exchanges:

Carniball Point Cost



100,000 Coins


30,000 TXP


200 Common Boosts


140 Rare Boosts


85 Epic Boosts


35 Legendary Boosts


For Broken Masks, the exchanges are as follows.  Note, every exchange gets you country specific Masks as well as World Tour Points.


Broken Mask Cost

Mask Reward

World Tour Points


1 Italy Mask



1 France Mask



1 Germany Mask



1 Spain Mask



1 Brazil Mask



As you can see, some countries are more expensive than others, and there's a standard 5:1 World Tour Point conversion which is consistent through each country.  For those users who prefer larger exchanges, there is also have a 10x exchange which allows you to exchange for 10x masks instead of just one.  Saves you time so you can be as efficient as possible during this event!


Once you get your Country Specific Masks as well as World Tour Points, you can spend those on amazing Player item offers in either the Masks chapter or the World Tour chapter!


Let's look at the Masks chapter first:




Every country has the same progression for country specific mask costs (however, remember, certain countries cost more broken masks than others):


  • Player 1 - 5 Masks
  • Player 2 - 15 Masks
  • Player 3 - 30 Masks
  • Player 4 - 50 Masks

And finally, saving the best for last, the World Tour Chapter:





So that's a pretty brief overview of how Carniball works and what rewards you can achieve.  We hope that you enjoy this event as much as we enjoyed creating this for the FIFA Mobile playerbase!

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