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Unravel crashing on startup

by dhendriawan

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Unravel crashing on startup

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I've installed trial version of Unravel, but it kept crashing on startup. I've tried installing K-Lite, but it didn't solve my problem and I'm running as an Admin on my 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Attached is my DxDiag. Kindly assist. Thank you.

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Dot.: Unravel crashing on startup

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Dot.: Unravel crashing on startup

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Thanks, I've tried the K-Lite stuffs and Windows admin account, but Unravel still crashes. 

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Dot.: Unravel crashing on startup

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Hi, to start with you can try updating your drivers, you can find the newer ones by going here and entering the relevant details:

However, while this may help I suspect it won't resolve the issue, so if it persists, can you restart your system with a Clean Boot, then just launch Origin and the game, and see if anything changes?


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Dot.: Unravel crashing on startup

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Hi, thanks for your assistance. As expected, updating the driver didn't help. But this time round I paid closer attention to the error detail. It pointed VSFilter.dll as the culprit. So I googled around and found a solution on how to disable it. Finger crossed, gave it a try, and ... voila! It worked like a charm! For those having the same problem, you may check this solution. BTW, the game is amazing! I absolutely love it.


I immediately edited this post, as I experienced Windows blue screen upon startup, and figured out that tinkering with VSFilter may mess up your Windows. Mine came back after re-enabling VSFilter. Try this at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible if anything happens to your Windows. 

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Dot.: Unravel crashing on startup

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Deactivating the Vobis filter may be risky, because it is used a lot by games and apps for rendering videos by default.


But I had the same issue with the vsfilter.dll (Vobis codec) because I have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack. It deliveres and registeres a newer version of the file ( that seems not to be compatible with Unravel (Two). But you can easily replace the vsfilter.dll with an older version manually.


You get the 64bit version from this site that works nicely with Unravel:


 After installing it might be necessary to copy the file from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VSfilter


to the K-Lite Codec Pack folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Filters\DirectVobSub64


That is necessary because K-Lite has registered the file for app sharing at this location. Otherwise the installation of the separate Vobis filter won't affect other apps using the older filter.


Hope that helps people.

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