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Re: Stuttering graphics

by dirgewhisper

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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@EA_Barry @Carbonic

I added Unravel to the Game profile in Bitdefender and now it is stutter-free. Weird as this has never been a problem in other games that I have noticed. If this problem comes up again, I would suggest asking them if they have an antivirus that is a bit aggressive. If it has an exclusion profile, like Bitdefender does, that it could be the solution.

Like I said before, the Unravel developers must have the client accessing the data from the drive as the game plays instead of front-loading it. Weird all around, really.


Happy that it is solved and happy with the attention to customer service that was provided to me. Marking this as solved.


Have a wonderful day!

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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****EDIT**** Can you check if bitdefender is performing "scan on access" and try turning that off?


Excellent, thanks for coming back with your findings.


Also, TY @Carbonic

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Re: Stuttering graphics


@dirgewhisper did you try whitelisting Origin and unravel's .exe files in Bitdefender?

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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I cannot find anything in Bitdefender's settings specific to "on access scanning" other than "Scan only new and changed files", though this may refer to when it does its full scan. However, judging by a search on it and people having errors related to "real-time scanning" being turned off by other AV software on their system, it seems that Bitdefender is always "on access" and exclusions must be added for games via the Games Mode profile.


A quirk, I supposed, but I like Bitdefender and there is a way to solve the issue.

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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Yes, that is exactly what I stated above in the reply that I marked as the solution. 

"I added Unravel to the Game profile in Bitdefender and now it is stutter-free."

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Re: Stuttering graphics


Ah sorry my bad, read that as something totally different for some weird reason Tongue out

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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That worked for me. Thank you!

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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Thank you very much. I thought this might be an issue. It was unplayable on pretty good machine, enjoy your game Standard smile

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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i don't know if it was part of the problem for me but i had the same issues. my graphics were Stuttering and when i quit the game it was not responding and i had to shut it down via task manager. i tried your solution and it diden't work then i shout down the origin in game overlay and it fixed the problem. i don't know if it was only the origin in game or the combo of that and your fix too but it worked so origin in game needs to be shout down too i think.

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Re: Stuttering graphics

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Disabling Origin in-game worked for me.


This is odd to me, because I was having the exact same issue and I also use BitDefender. Adding Unravel to my game profile in BitDefender did not fix the issue. It was disabling Origin in-game that fixed it.


Someone else listed the steps to disable Origin in-game, but if you'd like to simply turn it off for this game only, here's the steps:


1. Right click Unravel in "My Games."

2. Click "Game Properties"

3. Check "Disable Origin in Game for this game" and hit OK

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