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Here's a solution for Unravel Two not starting on Win10!

by pagpus

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Here's a solution for Unravel Two not starting on Win10!

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Had this problem like a few of you that i have read on here. Where you start the game then there is the black screen(for the intro to start) then goes straight back to the desktop(i.e the game crashes)


Well this work around works 100% for me!


I am using Win 10 x64(and everything on my PC is updated!)




My problem is to do with the VSfilter, for some reason this game does NOT like it, so i use a Codec Tweak Tool to disable the VSfilter before i play the game. Then when i'm done playing i just enable it again.


How i did it for me:


1. Download the Tweak tool(link below)

2. Start it up(there is no installing!)

3. Click on DIRECT SHOW x64, which is under Codec and Filter management

4. Click the box DirectVobSub(look on the right it will say vsfilter.dll) which is under MISCELLANEOUS

5. Click APPLY and leave the tweak tool open

6. Go to your desktop and start up the game

7. When you are done playing go back to the Tweak Tool that you left open and re click the same box and click apply to enable it again


I have tested this over and over again. The game DID NOT start with the VSfilter enabled. Starts right away when disabled!


Link to the Codec Tweak Tool - [Admin. Edit - 3rd party link removed]


Hope this helps you out Standard smile

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