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Can't rebind gamepad controls

by mugwumpdreams

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Can't rebind gamepad controls

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I have a logitech USB gamepad controller and I can't rebind the controls in game. I can do it for the keyboad, but when I select a control (eg "jump") nothing I do changes the button. Worse, it freezes the game so neither my keyboard or gamepad do anything, and I have to quit from the desktop. The standard controls aren't intuitive, making just the first level difficult to manage. I'm able to rebind on other games.

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Re: Can't rebind gamepad controls

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Doesnt look like they are ever going to fix this problem.

Time to ask for your money back and move on.


[Edit: no reason to use the big font size to make your point]

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Re: Can't rebind gamepad controls

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having the same problem with a logitech game pad. i am using keyboard but it would be nice to get some kind of an answer to this one.

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Re: Can't rebind gamepad controls

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You might want to try a controller emulation software as a workaround. Somehting like InputMapper:


It is usually designed to emulate XInput feature for controllers that are DirectInput only (for example emulate XBox controllers), but you can override any key assignement with it also.


Advise: As Steam has an own controller emulation software build in (for the Big Picture Mode) and can override keys also in the option, InputMapper might conflict with Steam.Both apps will try to dominate each other to get the exclusive access to the controller. So you want InputMapper not be started with Windows all the time and only run the emulator for key altering when absolutely needed (for example if playing Unravel).


Hope that helps.

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