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Unravel two save game

by BirraForte

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Unravel two save game

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 Hey guys,

My save game file crashed and was deleted. Any fix on how to restore and end-game save game? Already tried cloud syncing.



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Re: Unravel two save game

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Sorry to hear that.


Unfortunetaly, Origin does not make a chronological backup to fallback to. It only has one version of cloud data. If it is deleted in any way, your only chance is your own PC to restore it.


Here is a good explanation how the savegame stuff works in Unravel One, but it seems to be in the same spot and works similar:


If the local files in C:/Users/%username%/Appdata/Local/UnravelTwo was also erased and you didn't made a backup, the only chance is to recover the data with corresponding tools like these:


It is always important to make backups from your saves for Steam, Origin and Uplay. Never trust the cloud too much.

if you backup those folders from time to time you should be fine:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames

C:/Users/%username%/Appdata   (this will contain any of the games using the local, locallow or roaming folder)


Hope one of the the recovery tools still find your lost saves of Unravel Two. If any progam already  used the sectors where the files were located, the files are not recoverable any more. Data recovery should always be done ASAP. But if you have a lot of free space on the SSD/HDD you may be lucky.


Best wishes

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