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Unravel Two gamepad support

by perkley1

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Unravel Two gamepad support

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I plugged in an older Logitech Precision Gamepad.  It shows up with the Logitech software and calibrates, but I have no option in Unravel Two to use it or do co-op.  Is it an issue with compatibility?  Do I need a newer gamepad?  Or is there a setting somewhere to turn on two players?

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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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@perkley1 Have you ensured that you have the most up to date drivers for your gamepad?  Is it working in other titles?


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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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I did download the latest drivers and I don't have any other games on this machines, so I don't know if it works on other titles. I have used it on my laptop and it worked fine with the older games.

I purchased the "AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller" and it works great on Unravel 2, so I am guessing it is a compatibility issue with older gamepads.
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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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The game will work with a marvo GT-006 (gamepad)?


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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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me i connected a trustmaster score a wireless and doesnt work though i have finished tghe first unravel with the same gamepad
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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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I am afraid that Unravel Two does not support DirectInput only devices - which is used by default in Windows game controller setting. It is a XInput only game, which is the newer standard introduced by and with Microsoft XBox Conrollers. So you have to check that your controllers support XInput or not.


If not, there is hope, because external emulator software can emulate XInput for DirectInput controllers, it is not garantueed, but worth a shot.

I already explained a lot in this thread, just follow the advices and try it out:


If everything fails and you want to buy an up to date controller for your PC, stick to an Xbox One controller, Playstation 4 controller or latest Steam controller. They will work fine.


Best luck Standard smile

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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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I bought the game yesterday and I have the same problem with the controllers you've suggested.

As in PS4 controllers, which worked fine the day before on playing A Way Out... which is a fairly new game.

But Unravel 2 won't work. And I also don't find any options that could solve the problem.


I honestly don't see the point, in buying a game, that is supposed to work with controllers ( which I have.. )

and then it doesn't,... so buying even more controllers, that are just as up to date and might also not work..!?
Like what is this? There is nothing newer than XB1 and PS4.. 


I find this 100% stupid, not from you obviously, but from EA/ Origin, to sell us something with promises and then they won't keep em.

PRETTY disappointed. Downloaded it for me and  my girlfriend, so that we can play at night.. and then we were like: WTF?

As we couldn't even play on the keyboard together, after we figured: Controllers won't work.


That there is no option to at least both use the keyboard is another huge disappointment. 

So yea, just spend 25 bucks on something that's now worthless to me, as I can't play it and WON'T spend even more money

on XBOX Controllers which I don't need. As I am a Sony person. 


This is making me furious!

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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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I am also using a PS4 Controller with Unravel Two and it works fine as it is a supported controller because it undestands the XInput standard -that is why I wrote it as one of the controllers that should work fine in my former post. Even without any emulator.

Must be something else with your PC that conflicts with the controller. So don't give up too easily.


If you create a DXDiag export file and post it hear I will take a look if I find the culprit.


My first guess is that a software or driver that is recognized as a input device is used by the game rather than the controller you really want to use.


Don't forget to tag me, so I get a mailmessage if you answer me. Ty Standard smile

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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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Hi there. I had the same problem with my red dragon pc joysticks.. The solution is here.


It is the beta x360ce. Read instructions. Works Perfectly with generic joystics too.

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Re: Unravel Two gamepad support

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Thank u very very very much m8
I Spent a hole day sertching for solving this Problem
and u realy helped me Ty again and again
i made an account on this forume just to tell u Ty

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