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Unravel TWO Does Not Start PC

by AdrianoPS360

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Unravel TWO Does Not Start PC

★★★★ Novice

Hello friends,

I bought Unravel Two but I'm having problems. The game simply does not start. When trying to start the game, the screen darkens, a song starts, but then the game closes and returns to the desktop. The most intriguing is that the demo version (Origen) worked perfectly, I played about 2 hours without any problem.
At first I thought the problem might be that the demo version was installed. I deleted it and says the download again, but the problem continues.
Here are the settings for my PC:
Windows 10 Pro (Update1809)
Processor Intel I7 6700
16GB Ram DDR 4
Nvidia GTX 1080-TI (Aorus)

Would anyone know how to solve the problem ??

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Re: Unravel TWO Does Not Start PC

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Community Manager

Hello @AdrianoPS360,


I'm sorry about the wait in getting back to you. If you're still experiencing this issue, could you try adding your DxDiag to this post, as well as try generating an Origin Error Report for us? Once submitted, let me know and I'll try to pull the report to take a look.




Arrenai Cat

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Re: Unravel TWO Does Not Start PC

★★★★ Novice


Sorry for the delay in answering, I was traveling and arrived this morning.
I tried running the game here one more time but the same problem happens.
I apologize but I do not know how to perform this procedure you requested. Could you guide me how to proceed?

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Re: Unravel TWO Does Not Start PC

Community Manager

Hello @AdrianoPS360!


Sure thing! Here's how to send us the Origin Error Report:


  1. Click Help in the Origin menu bar. 

  2. Select Origin Error Reporter.

  3. Fill in the issue-fields as best you can.
    • If the Origin Error Report is part of an EA Help case, include your Case Number in the Customer Support Ticket Number (Optional) box.
    • Find your Case Number in your cases on EA Help or inside any support emails we sent you about this issue.
  4. Check the box next to I agree to share diagnostic information with Origin.

  5. Click Send Report and wait for it to complete. 

  6. Write down your Report ID for safekeeping.
    • TIP: Copy and paste your Report ID into Notepad and save it under My Documents.

Once it's submitted, just let me know here (no need for the Report ID so long as it's the same EA account you've posted with), and I'll take a look.




Arrenai Cat

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