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ea game face not loading

by Rasphir

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ea game face not loading

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue for game face. It is never loading on chrome for me during step 4, which is the "position the facial markers". The service just never loads. Nothing. I am using google chrome which I updated to the latest setting. Windows 10.

It's not a browser issue either because it's happening also on the latest IE.

All I want to do is to use my face for UFC 2. Please send help I'm out of ideas!!

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Re: ea game face not loading

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This is something we are aware of and looking into. Please monitor the following thread for any updates:

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I am trying to log in to my game face but can't

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I am trying to log in to my game face at but when I log in, it automatically tries to generate my previous game face, without letting me do anything else. And it stays there for hours "loading" and nothing happens. I have tried this in different browsers, different computers, and different internet connections. Also, the computers I have tried it with, meet the minimum requirements, so that is not the problem. What should I do?

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Gameface trying to load old one and not working

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Gameface won't load.
I have had this issue and seen others from months ago with this issue so it doesn't look like it's getting fixed. What it does is it says loading game face Generating Game Face. Please Don't Close Your Browser." and stays on this screen all the time I can see the delete game face button but cannot press it as it is greyed out because it is trying to load my old gameface. I have been in live chat and gotten no where. I have seen admins say press the delete button but I cannot press anything on the page. I have tried all the internet browsers and still nothing. All I need is someone from EA to delete my gameface please. It's ruining my game as I really want to use the gameface feature for UFC 2 and one of the main reasons I bought the game was for the creating my own character with the gameface. I would really appreciate a response from an admin thanks.
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Re: ea game face not loading

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Its 2018 and u guys still havent fixed it...what the hell!!!
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Re: ea game face not loading

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approaching 2019 and still no fix. EA is a plague

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