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Ufc 1, trophy 'in the spotlight' not unlocking

by txqno

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Ufc 1, trophy 'in the spotlight' not unlocking

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Hi, for some reason me and a couple of people I know are currently experiencing difficulties unlocking the trophy linked to uploading a highlight reel to the fighternet, I have tried restarting my game and making more than one highlight reel and still nothing.

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In the Spotlight achievement/trophy not unlocking

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I have posted a highlight reel and the achievement won't unlock

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In the spotlight achievement bugged

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I checked on xbox leaderboards and the last known unlock for this achievement was 2 months ago. The achievement is bugged and needs to be fix asap

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UFC spotlight achievement bugged

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the achievement is bugged, pls fix it asap. uploaded the highlight reel post ranked and the achievement wont unlock

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in the spotlight achievement glitch

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in the spotlight: upload a highlight reel after a ranked game is not unlocking and other gamers are having the issues as well

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Re: Ufc 1, trophy 'in the spotlight' not unlocking

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I appeal to EA Sports unlock this trophy because players want platinum, listen to users!
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Re: Ufc 1, trophy 'in the spotlight' not unlocking

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When I reported this issue with EA Games they said there is nothing they can do and that it is up to playstation support to unlock the trophy as they deal with main trophy service and playstation support told me that it is the responsibility of the development team of the game to get this problem fixed, I spend about 6 hours talking with EA Games opening up new case reports and they did the same thing over and over telling me that its up to PSN to fix the problem and then they marked the case report as resolved, EA Games Help team eventually said they will notify the development team to get this problem fixed, I hope they do get this fixed I bought this game brand new and I am unable to complete the trophy set because of an ingame glitch / bug
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"In the Spotlight" not popping / FighterNet not recognizing Highlight Reels PS4

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First, I apologize for tagging everyone under the Sun. However, this particular issue is very important to me and I'm hoping to bring as much attention to it and to get it directed to the right person.


The issue is in regards to earning the trophy "In the Spotlight" which the requirements are "Upload a Highlight Reel to FighterNet." The issue we're all seeing is that even though we are able to upload a Highlight Reel, its not being recognized and won't allow for the trophy to pop and ultimately we will not be able to 100% complete the game.


Most trophy hunters I've noticed, and I'm very guilty of this myself, are those who love being able to 100% a game. And this is causing a lot of us fans of the series a lot of grief that we'll have an incomplete game. And we're all desperately hoping to get someone to fix his, especially given that this is the first in a series of games and that it could face an end-of-life sooner rather than later.


However, we've all spoken to online support for both EA & Sony and we've done everything suggested to no avail. First Sony has said that there's nothing on their end and its to be brought to EA's attention. And the person I've spoken with at EA gave me a few things to try and then said to make sure I make a post so that it could be seen by the right people and hopefully corrected that way. There didn't seem to be a way to directly contact someone who could hopefully fix this quickly.


To save any redundancy, the support person I spoke with from EA gave me the following things to try:


1 - Uninstall and reinstall the game.

2 - Restore licenses.

3 - Deleting Save data files.


Unfortunately the outcome remained unchanged with trying each of these.


Also, I'd like to help by providing photos to back this up in that there's something odd behaving with FighterNet as we are able to upload highlights, but it will not trigger the trophy. And according to this link, you can see that the last person to earn the trophy was on January 9th, even though there are months worth of highlights uploaded since.


This screen shot shows that there are highlights still being added to this day and the online community for this game is still strong.

EA SPORTS™ UFC®_20180616091652.jpg


Also, this image shows that I uploaded a highlight reel to FighterNet like the trophy requirements on May 12th, after the last person has popped the trophy and yet even though the requirements have been met, I haven't earned the trophy.


EA SPORTS™ UFC®_20180616091727.jpg


When you come to these sections they are just loading images and never of the actual clip, there seems to be a disconnect that I am personally begging someone please fix so I can have his be able to be a 100% completed game and I don't have an incomplete game in my library.


Lastly, I'm begging, please help the community fix this.

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Re: "In the Spotlight" not popping / FighterNet not recognizing Highli

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Thank you for this detailed reply, hopefully we get this sorted eventually, this trophy is the only thing that's stopped me buying other two and I really enjoyed the first one. It's just a shame really.

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Re: "In the Spotlight" not popping / FighterNet not recognizing Highli

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@Opperst719 Thank you for this detailed post, which could not have been worded any better. You sum it up in a very nice way with screenshoots for proof, where it shows the root of the issue. Nice job, and I hope to see this fixed very soon, as I am in the same boat you are in. 

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