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Re: Stuck at loading screen UFC

by Whelpley687

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Re: Stuck at loading screen UFC

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Simple Hard Restart is the answer on Xbox1
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Re: Stuck at loading screen UFC

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Its funny that this is a problem that still persists to 2018. I am using ps4, and have just pressed a button to continue and the loading screen has been loading for an hour and a half. The game is fully installed, because there isn't text in the bottom left of the screen telling me the percent loaded. This is text ive seen many times because I have uninstalled and redownloaded this game 4 times. Ive had to play this game in offline mode ever since I decided to install it. Ive restarted my ps4, uninstalled the game, turned my ps4 off and on, unplugged my ps4 and plugged it back in and yet it is always stuck on the beginning loading screen. I wish I could see more of the game I bought but sadly I'm stuck only being able to use it when i'm disconnected from the internet

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