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Game Face Won't Save

by boredwtf24

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Re: Game Face Won't Save

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Does anyone know how to fix this annoying issue? I tried Firefox and Safari. Tried running both in compatible win7 and win8 version. Still can't save the **** gameface. Lets not forget i spend hours just to get the gameface plugin to work and now this. Getting close to 4 hours of wasted time, nothing works. HELP!

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Re: Ufc gameface not working??

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5. Appearance discrepancies


I have the same issue while downloading game face. - here you can find picture of downloaded face to the game and the face from web site. Game face from the web site is actually very close to my real appereance, but I do not know why it upload to the game so incorrectly... Id admire you to help me guys!

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Re: Ufc gameface not working??

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You can't save your game face. it wont save it just says loading, please wait

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Re: Game Face Won't Save

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Ive followed ALL of the requierments for the game face but my upload is still stuck after about eight hours with the message saving game face please wait...

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Re: Finally it's working

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What is the workaround??

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Re: Tried this and still isn't working

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just go jump in a lake

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Re: Game Face won't save

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I don't see any instructions for the workaround. 

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