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EA Sports UFC Gameface

by WhiteMexicanman

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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Solution hasn't worked origin account is linked still no joy
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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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This is worth a try, well it worked for me anyway on PS4.   I was getting the error non stop for 4 hours after I installed the game before I tried this.


My theory is that what causes this issue is is an improperly downloaded or corrupted Game Face File that is stuck in cache or wherever the console stores the Gameface Data. 


1.  Select New Career

2.  Choose to Download a new Game face.   If you've been getting an error, this will probably pop up immediately.  Don't worry yet just cancel.

3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 but you will notice there is now a swirly animation indicating that the game is waiting to do something.

4.  Hit cancel again because it still won't work yet.


I think what happens at this stage is that if you cancel while the game is trying to initiate the download,  it effectively flushes the existing game face data out of the system - the very data I suspect is causing the problem.


5.  Now select New Career again.

6.  Download the Game Face and let it run.


With a bit of luck it should now work, hopefully.





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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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ive tried to download my gameface multiple times and always get the failed try again later message

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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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i cant make my game face its says failed everytime can you help me pls ?


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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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Please see the following link for info and steps on using Game Face:



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Re: EA Sports UFC Gameface

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EA doesn't know how to do anything ffs 

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