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Can't play online ea ufc

by JamesRoday1

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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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Still nothing, evertime i unlink/relink my gamertag to my origin account from the settings it regesters that i am uninked(the xbox 360 account wll not let me revoke access but the ONE does which is the console i am using). When i boot up the game and then it asks me to "link" at the games first pop up menu. I do this and it registers on my origin account on my Desktop that my gamertag is linked again(remember this is the gamertag I'm currently on and origns is recognizing that i have connected as soon as a refresh). Still fails to load game session.Pointless restriction for a game thats population is obviously declining.I also dont understand how i was able to play the first week of release fine. Ive also tried the client app method of adding friends and nothing there either. A couple months ago a was forced to change my gamertag email but this never affected BF4 or Titanfall.

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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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LOL what a joke of a response. Please see that the problem is at your end as any game I put into my system works, my gamer tag is linked to the correct account. This isn't anything new for EA servers to bite the dust, but so early in release? Is this a sign of things to come??
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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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Error message is "unable to connect to the ea servers. Please try again later" then when I attempt to access fighter net it says "you have lost your connection to the ea servers" on xbox one

Gamertag is linked correctly to profile.

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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

Community Manager (retired)


It looks like you are all playing on a XBOX One console, if not please let us know.

In the meantime, as we are trying to assist you, can you please run the Multiplayer Connection on your Xbox One? 


  1. Press the Menu button on the Xbox One controller.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. On the Network Settings screen, select Test multiplayer connection on the right-hand side of the screen.

If the multiplayer connection test is not successful, the Multiplayer Connection Troubleshooter will try to identify the problem.

Please tell us what the error message is.


Important: Please open, or forward, the following online ports.

  • UDP: 3659
  • TCP: 3659

@JamesRoday1 - @Chourico

Please make sure the email address for your Xbox Live account is the same as the one you are using for your Origin ID.

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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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no i have done every single thing EA reccomend and it still does not work at all every other game works perfect and i have highest speed internet you can get 

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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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Still failing for me as well and have done all the steps asked, online worked fine for me the first week on Xbox One and I didn't change any setting on my Origin account or Live Account, or Gateway /ISP setting other than adding the 3659 port.And BF4 "works".
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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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I'm having the same exact problem as you. This is absolute **bleep** from a high end company that we can usually rely on. I could play online fine until 2 days ago when I got home from work all super excited to play some online matches. To my disappointment I for some unexplained reason can longer play the game online which in my opinion is the best game mode.
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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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This issue and EAs supposed fixes are absolutely disgusting. I had no problem playing this game online the first week and a half it was out. I have tried power cycling multiple times, I've opened all necessary ports on my router and modem. I've even gotten a new freaking router (for other reasons) and I'm still having the same issue.

No other games give me issues. I can even get into battlefield and Titanfall just fine and those are ea games. So your suggestion that it's an issue in our end and trying to give us generic troubles hooting steps is not helping. Something is wrong on your end and you need to fix it or I want my money back.
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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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iu cant play online anymore on my ps4. Please fix this i have no problems with other games only ea ufc. And i have unlimited internet and a signal of 100% so its not my internet connection

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Re: Can't play online ea ufc

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I have been unable to play online since about two weeks ago (6/24).


I'm playing on an XBOX One and always receive the message "Session Failed to Load.  Please Try Again." any time I try to connect to any type of online match (ranked, unranked, tournament, etc.)


I have my console's IP listed in my modem's DMZ and my Origin Account is linked to my GamerTag.  I can successfully connect to online sessions in any of my other games, including other EA titles (Battlefield 4 and Titanfall).


Additionally, I have uninstalled/reinstalled EA UFC, and have done several hard resets of my console, as well as restarting my modem, with no success.


Any assistance in this matter is appreciated.


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