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Re: Ranked championships down

by JonoDarby

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Re: Ranked championships down


The latest PS4 & XB1 patch which is being released today should resolve this.

If anybody is still encountering this issue after updating to 1.07, please include as much updated information on the scenario of which this occurred.



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Re: Ranked championships down

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Problem has resurfaced. I have 1.07 installed and for a few days the issue went away but it is now back. Needs a new more permanent fix. Issue is not resolved!

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Re: Ranked championships down

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7/8/18 Problem is back. After one online ranked game the post fight screen fails to load (the one with “view replay”, “fight statistics” and “quit”. After a while “unable to perform...” comes upsends you back to home screen. Then, while you CAN enter ranked chanpionships and look for a fight, you can never find a fight until you close the application

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