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G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

by ShnobiOfWar92

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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If you create your fighter and then import into career it works. If you create your fighter inside the Career mode it doesnt...

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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Has it really been 3 weeks and EA still claims its our fault? Lol
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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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Ok guys let's hope this helps:


I had the same issue, let me give u my situation first:


First of all i have the edition with Bruce Lee, I created my own Character in the menu, then used it to play Career mode, all worked well.

I decided to start over and changed my character from balanced to striker and changed his celebration to the bruce lee one. 

Thats when after winning the first game i froze just like anyone else here.

Changed the celebration to another one started over and it now works fine again. 

So for me it was only a problem when using Bruce Lee celebration it seems.


Lemme know if this helps.



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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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i just bought the game this past weekend, was super excited about playing a new career in order to learn all the controls and of course, i wanted to be the baddest man on the planet in the octagon, but i couldnt even get past the first fight because once i hit "recovery" it freezes, this issue is still occurring folks

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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so i just tried the Create A Fighter and then Import A Fighter workaround, and that gets the Career Mode to work correctly, im 9 fights in, now about that AI.... that's another issue for another thread Large smile

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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How can we solve the issue on PS4. You guys haven't set up a solution for that particular system yet....


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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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I'm getting this problem on my ps4 and it's making me mad since I just bought the game
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Re: Career Mode Ufc 3

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How about it didn't work because I have a PlayStation Barry
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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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 mine is still not working. I have tried all the recommended steps. 

career mode. gamertag rattman12 . created fighter.

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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Dear EA,

I had just recently purchased UfC 3 icon edition and it was a whole lot of fun up until it started freezing. I have tried all of the "tips" for the freezing game and crashing in career mode. I have made two characters and both came to the same conclusion, they both ended up freezing. The whole game crashes once one person, either the opponent or myself, throws a punch. I was wishing to fully enjoy this game because I have played since UFC the first one that ever came out and this bug is just ruining the game not only for me but also for others in the community. I only wish that you guys start looking into this issue because your fanbase is slowly dying. I know that you guys have ignored this issue. because people have been reporting it since the release and now its July and the freezing glitch still occurs.


Sincerely, Ex-fan of UfC

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