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G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

by ShnobiOfWar92

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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Still doing the same, I didn’t have this issue on goat mode and didn’t have any issues until the recent icon update now anytime I fight my game just freezes and closes down 


gametag is NwA AfroMan

usinf Xbox one x 

tried with normal characters and created all the same. Tried online normal fight and custom all freezing as soon as I start to fight 

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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Hi Roger, 


Followed the steps below but am still having issues with the game crashing on the loading screen of a fight. Gets to about 45% and makes a buzzing nosies and the game crashes and goes back to the xbox homepage. 


Gamertag: Gameaddict 1988

Gamemode: career mode

Fighted used: (created) Matthew McLoughlin 


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: G.O.A.T. Mode freezing

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Gamertag: Jefe 2 Official

Game Mode: Career Mode

Type of player: Created

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Re: Career Mode Ufc 3

★★★ Newbie

I am having the same issue on my xbox one. I keep trying to load the game and it freezes while recovering my stamina. Has this been resolved yet?

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