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Career mode created fighters in quick fight

by stinkypinky666

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Career mode created fighters in quick fight

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I created my CAF in career mode, did all the things, became the GOAT etc & very quickly got bored having to defend the belt against Mark Hunt, Tai Tuivasa, Mark Hunt, Mark Hunt & Mark Hunt all the time. I'm a huge Mark Hunt fan, so having to knock him out every PPV is no fun. I'd like to try my character out against other fighters, but there is no way to use a created career fighter in quick fight mode. So if I want to use my GOAT character with the attributes & move set I've developed him through career mode with, the only way to do it is to sit down with a pad & pen, write down every setting for every slider, every move, every stat level, and recreate the fighter outside of career mode. This is silly.


I suggest that it be possible to export your fighter to "the roster". Maybe have it so that if you choose the "retire" option rather than the "fight Mark Hunt for all eternity" option you can export him then as a "legend" like Cro Cop for quick fight funtime shenanigans.


I'm off now, I need to prepare for my UFC 387 title defense against Mark Hunt, where I shall headkick KO him in the first round... Again... All the while wondering if my guy could hold his own against Cro Cop, Dana White, or literally anyone who isn't Mark Hunt. Poor Mark Hunt.

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