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Re: Bug

by mef1sto364

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Product: UFC 3
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Which console generation do you have? PlayStation 4
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? markinhoHU
Can you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you saw the bug? 2018.06.02
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) all day
What is your time zone? ACT - GMT + 9:30
Which mode has this happened in? Other
Summarize your bug When I press R2 (defend) and I let it go my charachter always does a slip to left. I changed in the Playstation options R2 to R1 and L1 but the problem still there, so its not my controllers problem
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Idk if it happens to you but it happens to me, I uninstalled the game and reinstalled my Playstation also but nothing helps and Im pissed. I dont have this problem at any game (FIFA, Assassins Creed)
What happens when the bug occurs? My charachter slips
What do you expect to see? Yeah that my charachter doesnt slip after I def my head

Please do something against it because its annoying and my opponent will know that I always slip after defense and he will kick my head off my body.

Thank you!

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Re: Bug

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Good day.


Found such a bug: When I come up to my opponent, I press the L1 + L2 + buttons Right down, in order to clinch a double underhook. Meanwhile, my opponent dodges at L1 + a step to the side. After all this, my character paralyzes. I can not manage it. The only thing I can do is raise and lower my hands when I press the buttons of the Block. If the enemy hits me, then I stick to the octagon grid. If the opponent beats me at the net for a long time, then the judge divorces us. After that, the timer stops, none of us can move. And this is until the release of their game me, or my opponent. But if my opponent will not beat me, but he will come up to the point and make me a takedown. The game will continue as normal. We can both move.



Do something with this, please, it does not allow me to comfortably play the game UFC3.

P.S. Sorry for My English.

P.S.S. Played for Frankie Edgar

Thank you.

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