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Game face won't load

by Satsui_No_Hado23

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Game face won't load

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I uploaded my photo on the easports website but it won't save, and when I try to upload the game face on the ufc 2 game I get an error try again message...what's going on?
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Re: Game face site still not functional

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Possible Solution: @EA_Barry

I had been having problems with this going back to the "Internal Server" error stuff from a few months back. Upon receiving UFC 3 yesterday, I decided to try again. I was able to add my pictures, I could see them just fine, and I was able to move the crosshairs and mark the key spots on the pictures. However, when trying to generate the game face, I got the "cannot upload photos or generate game face" error. I tried in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. None of them worked.


After reading through this thread and a few others, and seeing the few random people who were able to get it to work, I decided to try on an older laptop that runs Windows 7. I downloaded the brand new release of Firefox, logged into my EA account, pulled up Game Face, and did the same steps I had before.


But this time, clicking on the generate game face button loaded a new page. The circle spun and spun, and a couple minutes later, lo and behold, there it was: my game face. I was able to save it without issue, and upon starting up UFC 3, it downloaded just fine.


Conclusion: there's something about Windows 10 (and I guess other newer OS's) that EA's software does not like. It's possible it has something to do with the Unity plugin, but considering I never downloaded it on my Win 7 laptop or added anything extra to a fresh Firefox installation, I doubt it. Of course, there could be other factors at play, but I tried everything I could think of on my Win 10 PC (turned off anti-virus/Windows Defender, disabled pop up blockers, added Unity to Firefox exceptions list, etc) and nothing made any kind of difference. But on my first attempt on the Win 7 laptop, without changing anything, it works perfectly.


If you have access to a Windows 7 PC with Firefox (might even be worth trying on Windows 8), I'd definitely give it a shot.

My PC specs for reference (the one Game Face DID NOT work on):


Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

Intel i5 4960K 3.5GHZ

nVidia GTX 970


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Re: Game face won't load

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Can you study the following article for help with Game Face as there are essential points there that are required for Game Face to work correctly.

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Re: Game face won't load

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The EA Gameface service is currently undergoing an upgrade, and may be temporarily unavailable during this period.

Please try again once the service has resumed back to normal.


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Re: Game face won't load

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any news?


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Game face won't let me generate

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Hey All,


I recently purchased UFC 2 and wanting to import my game face for creating your own fighter. However, i've been severely disappointed in the game face software. I am unable to generate my game face due to the software preventing me to progress past 'position the face markers' for both the front and side image. When i get to this setting, my face is blown up and unable to see my whole face instead i just see my eye. I have contacted EA sports chat to hope to resolve the problem however was unable to do so and was redirected here. I've tried everything with changing the format of the photo to JPEG and PNG, resizing the image to the smallest setting possible (480x480) using different browsers (Internet explorer and firefox) and have no success. I'm really disappointed and I know i am not the only one in this position. What's the point of releasing the software for the game with having the bug and prevents you to play the game.


Hope you can resolve the issue so many of us can actually create ourselves and play it.




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Re: Game face won't let me generate

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Having the same problem. Get it done EA.

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Upload new image for game face

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Im trying to upload a new image for my game face but everytime I login it begins generating my old game face image (using the old gameface specs) I'm assuming this is whats causing the problem because the photo wont generate which in turn I cant delete the image to upload my new photoa
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Game face site still not functional

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I just tried using the game face site and have been unable to complete the process.  I ran into alignment issues on the photos I uploaded with zoom and placement -- so i tried to work around it and was able to place the markers -- but even after all that work, it would not upload the photos and I just kept getting the error message: "there was an error uploading your photos and generating your game face. please try again."


When will be this fixed?

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Re: Game face site still not functional

Community Manager



I have successfully created my game face this morning.


Please retry and let us know if it is functioning for you now, thanks.

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Re: Game face site still not functional

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Unfortunately I'm still getting the same error; in fact its worse now, seems to be not fixed, thus not solved. Can you please fix this

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