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SWTOR - United Forces Game Update

by EA_Tom

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SWTOR - United Forces Game Update

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Find out what this means for your characters, your guild, and your Legacy.

We’re making some changes in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ with our United Forces game update on November 8, 2017.


We’ve heard your feedback about finding groups and your questions about cross-server queuing. So we want to make sure you never have to wait for a group in Player vs. Player (PvP) or for elder game Player vs. Environment (PvE) content like Operations, Flashpoints, and Uprisings.  


On November 8, we’ll unite players across the galactic array of servers by bringing you all together on all-new and improved, higher-capacity servers.


Two of these new servers are in the U.S.A., one for former West Coast players and one for former East Coast players.


Three of our new servers are in Europe. They’re grouped by player language: one for English-speaking players, and one each for French and German speakers.


What do I need to do to prepare for this?

Not a thing – all your characters, items, strongholds and decorations, and even your guild will be moved for you.

We’re doing our best to make sure that you’ll see as few changes as possible when you move to your new home.


Where will my characters move to?

Check this table to find out:


If your character was on:

They move to:





The Bastion

Satele Shan

Bergeren Colony

Satele Shan

The Harbinger

Satele Shan



The Shadowlands

Star Forge

Jung Ma

Star Forge

The Ebon Hawk

Star Forge

Prophecy of the Five

Star Forge

Jedi Covenant

Star Forge






Darth Malgus

Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Darth Malgus

Red Eclipse

Darth Malgus




Tulak Hord

Vanjervalis Chain

Tulak Hord

Jar’Kai Sword

Tulak Hord



Mantle of the Force

The Leviathan

Battle Meditation

The Leviathan

Darth Nihilus

The Leviathan


Can I choose where I move to?

No, these moves are automatic. We’re keeping all characters from the same region and language groups together. 


Can I still do a character transfer?

Character transfers are available as usual through up until October 24, 2017. The service will be suspended while we finalize everything for United Forces. We’ll make Character Transfers available again sometime after the United Forces Update.



We’re doing our best to make this as seamless as possible for you, but there are some areas where you may have to make some choices, or adapt to some changes.



We know how much you care about your character names, so we’ve done our best to make the outcome of any character name clashes as fair as possible.

Here’s how we’re going to handle them:


Character names

  • If you’re a Free-to-Play player, you haven’t logged in to the game since July 26, 2017, and your character is under level 10, you will have to rename your character.
  • If you’re a Premium player (Subscriber), your characters have priority over Free-to-play and Preferred status players when it comes to their names.
  • If more than one Premium player has the same character name, the most active player gets to keep it.
  • You’ll know as soon as you log in if you need to change the name of your character, and you will have to rename them before you can log in with them.

Legacy names

Legacy names are not unique, so you won’t have a naming clash with any other player.

  • If you have more than one Legacy across multiple servers in a region, we’ll use the one with the highest Legacy XP on it as your Legacy name on the new server.
  • If you have more than one Legacy at max level, we’ll assign one of your max level names as your Legacy name on the new server.
  • If you’ve used the same Legacy name on more than one server in the region, and have maximum Legacy XP on it, we’ll give preference to that name. 

Guild names

  • You’ll get to keep your Guild name – if there is another Guild with the same name, we’ll add your original server name to your Guild name to make it easier for people to tell your Guilds apart.
    • For example, you’re in a Guild called Galactic Buccaneers on The Harbinger. After the United Forces update, you log in on Satele Shan and your guild tag is now Galactic Buccaneers – The Harbinger. 
    • If you look around, you’ll probably see another Guild called Galactic Buccaneers – The Bastion, and maybe even one called Galactic Buccaneers – Bergeren Colony.
  • The tag only gets added if there is at least one other Guild with the same name as yours. If the other Guild(s) disband or rename their Guild(s) so that you’re the only Guild left with the name, you won’t see your old server name tagged on anymore.

Active characters

If you’re a Free-to-Play player and you have more than two characters on your new server, they’ll all show as deactivated. This makes it easier for you to choose which two to set as your active characters.

If you’re a Preferred player, you get to have 6 active characters by default.

  • If you were a Premium player during Knights of the Fallen Empire or Knights of the Eternal Throne, you can have 7 active characters.
  • If you were a Premium player during both Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne, you can have 8 active characters.
  • If you’ve purchased additional character slots, we’ll preserve those for you, too.  

Legacy Family Tree

If you have more than one Legacy in a region, those Legacies unite on your new server. To make it easier for you to manage relationships in your new, extended Legacy, we reset your Legacy Family Tree. 



If you have Strongholds on more than one server in a region, United Forces will bring them all together. You won’t need to repurchase or redecorate them. This does mean that you could have more than one of the same Stronghold in your new, united Legacy.

If you have more than 8 Strongholds on your new server, you can still access them all, but you will not be able to buy another one until your total number of active Strongholds is under eight.


If you need to deactivate a Stronghold:

  1. Open the Strongholds menu (press U on your keyboard).
  2. Find the Stronghold you want to deactivate in the list on the right, then click the X on the right of the panel.
  3. To confirm, type CONFIRM in the pop-up box
  4. Then click Deactivate.

Deactivating a Stronghold means that your characters (and any guests you gave keys to) will no longer be able to travel to it. When you deactivate a Stronghold, all the Decorations from it are available to use again.


Stronghold Decorations

Our approach to Stronghold Decorations is a little bit different.

Rather than add up all the Decorations you own across Legacies that are merged, we’re treating Decorations the same way we do for a Character Transfer. We compare the number of each item owned by each Legacy and give you the higher number of each Decoration.

That means if one Legacy has three of an item, and another has two of that same item, then you’ll have three after the merge since that’s the highest number any of your Legacies have.


Any change in total numbers won’t affect any decorations you currently have placed, but it may have an effect when you remove a decoration from display in your Stronghold.


None of the decorations you have previously placed in any Stronghold will vanish. They’ll all appear when you place them. However, if you store one, you won’t be able to place it again until you reach the number your new merged Legacy owns. In the example from above, that’s three.





  • All your Achievements stay the same.
  • If you’re working towards an Achievement, we’ll use the highest value across your Legacies to track your progress.  


Guild banks

  • Vaults, Vault Shelf names, access permissions, and all stored items stay the same.

Legacy Bank

  • Legacy bank tabs are set to the highest number of tabs unlocked across any of your Legacies that are joined together. When we bring your Legacies together (if you have more than one in a region), it’s possible that you’ll end up with more items than you have room to store in one Legacy bank.
  • To make sure you don’t lose anything, we have created Overflow Storage that holds these kinds of items until you’re ready to make space to withdraw them.
  • When you first log in to the game on your new Server after the update, we recommend that you check your Legacy Storage to see how many items are in your Overflow. Consider making room to move items out of Overflow so that you can use your Legacy bank as usual again.

Personal Cargo Hold

  • Your Personal Cargo Hold for each of your characters, including any additional tabs you had unlocked using Credits or Cartel Coins, won’t change during the move.

Cartel Stash

  • Your Item Stash moves with your Legacy. If your Legacies are merged (if you have more than one Legacy in a region), your Cartel Item Stashes will be merged too. Any items above the maximum capacity of your Item Stash are kept for you, so you won’t lose anything.
  • You can’t add additional items into the Item Stash while it’s over-full, so make sure you take time to free up some slots before you open any more Cartel Packs.    

Character Slots

  • If you’re a Premium player (a Subscriber) and you have more than the maximum 50 characters on your new server, you’ll still be able to log in and play on all your characters.
  • You will not be able to create any new characters until you have 49 or fewer characters on that server.

Character Perks

  • You keep all your character perks and Legacy unlocks.

Command Cache

  • Your Command Cache moves with your Character.

Command Tokens

  • You will not lose any Command Tokens. We’ll add together the number of Command Tokens each Legacy has and give you the total number.
  • If this puts you over the maximum allowed Command Tokens, you can still keep them, but you won’t be able to earn any more until you spend enough to take you under the limit.

Favorite mounts/pets

  • These are tied to your character and stay the same.

Friends list/Ignore lists

  • These are tied to your character and stay the same.
  • If your friends have had to rename their characters, they’ll show in your list under their new name.
  • If someone on your ignore list has had to rename their character, they still will not be able to contact you on your new server.

Galactic Starfighter

  • There are no changes to your owned Starships, your components, your upgrades, your custom paint jobs, your Crew, or your Fleet or Ship Requisition amounts.


  • Apart from a possible addition to your Guild name, everything else stays the same.

Guild Flagships and Guild Strongholds

  • You’ll see no changes to these, including your placed and donated Decorations.


  • There won’t be any change to your listed items or completed items. With a bigger server population, you’ll have a greater market to sell to.

Legacy Unlocks

  • You get to keep all Legacy unlocks from each of your Legacies when they’re joined together.


  • Each character’s mailbox is preserved in the move.

PvP ranking

  • You keep your current rating in the initial move, but since there will be a bigger pool of players on your new server, you’ll have to work at keeping or increasing your rating. Check the leaderboards on to see where you stand after you’ve played your first Ranked Warzone on your new server. 


  • We give you the highest Reputation for each group that you’ve earned across your uniting Legacies.

Stamped outfits

  • These are tied to your character and stay the same.



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