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[INFO] SWTOR Security Key Issues

by proxos666

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[INFO] SWTOR Security Key Issues

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There is this Help Center articles specifically for the security key. (for attaching and removing the key ).


On June 2015 SWTOR upgraded their back-end server software to support their new RFC 6238 TOTP authenticator mobile applications. As a result, any Security Key application prior to June 2015 can no longer be attached. The following can now be used instead, the SWTOR application doesn't need to be specifically used anymore.

TIP 1 - The serial that the swtor website provides to enter into the app , save that serial it can be used to setup the app again if you lose/break your phone.


TIP 2 - You can setup more then one app. eg. you can setup the swtor app on your phone and have winauth on your PC for backup using the same serial.


Lost Key Link from directions here is seen below if you login without a security key to allow removal




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