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[Guide] Unspecified Error

by proxos666

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[Guide] Unspecified Error

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There can be a number of reasons for an unspecified error , now the steps below are a cover all so you may not need to do all of them but are worthwhile following.


  • First thing to try is the sticky at this link if a simple reboot of the PC doesnt do anything

If that alone fails follow this approach


  1. Remove and re-add launcher.exe , swtor.exe and brwc.exe to the antivirus and firewall exception lists
  2. Reboot the PC , then go into task manager and end task on all bitraider processes after that follow the sticky link
  3. one other thing to check after doing all this is at this link

If all this fails wait say 24 hours and retry the steps again , if still not resolved then make a new post in this forum.


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