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[Guide] How to Switch to Non-Streaming Launcher

by proxos666

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[Guide] How to Switch to Non-Streaming Launcher

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Source here (my original thread in swtor forums)  


NOTE: This is almost a new game download


Ensure the Launcher is NOT running


right mouse click on game shortcut and select open file location

open the launcher.settings file in notepad and locate the below line

, "PatchingMode": "{ \"swtor\": \"BR\" }"

Change to:

, "PatchingMode": "{ \"swtor\": \"SSN\" }"
 ,"bitraider_disable": false

Change to:

, "bitraider_disable": true

SAVE the changes.
Delete the BitRaider folder then start the launcher

 if you have the old version still on another computer , copy all the game folders over to this computer


Note: If you have converted to non-streaming but still seeing the quick play mode UI when you're in-game, just delete the BitRaider folder again and that should do it.


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