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[GUIDE] Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide

by proxos666

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[GUIDE] Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide

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Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide


The compendium at this Link was made by TrinityLyre for the countless players that ask what the veterans run and why. 



If you're a new player and the other information in this guide is a bit overwhelming, please feel free to check out these amazing links to get you caught up and ready to fly!

  • DudesterRadman's Galactic Starfighter Tips for Beginners - a 5 minute YouTube video. Great if you want to get into GSF quickly.

  • Dulfy's New Player Guide - a great read covering everything a new player needs to know. Lengthier than DudesterRadman's short video, but worthwhile if you have the time.

  • Pincer's Tips for Beginners - covers non-gameplay related tips that most players should know and use.

  • Dak's Tips for Newer GSF Players - don't forget to keep your chin up!


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