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"Origin Overlay Disabled" Titanfall 2 Error - Resolved

by Annabella1319

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"Origin Overlay Disabled" Titanfall 2 Error - Resolved

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After the following:

The final phone call came up with the fix for me, simply disable your antivirus... Which doesn't sound too appealing.

However if you run Avast Antivirus - Disable GAME MODE. 

This fixed the issue for me and I reactivated the other features of Avast to keep my PC Protected. 


I've spent many months and angry moments trying to figure out how to fix this and I'm glad that finally I have a fix. 


I'm hoping that this may be the fix for some of you that are waiting for a resolution some 4 years later... Standard smile 

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Re: "Origin Overlay Disabled" Titanfall 2 Error - Resolved

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Hi @Annabella1319


Thank you so much for taking your time to share a tested workaround with us on AHQ Standard smile



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Origin overlay wont let me buy war paints.

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I'm having problems right now with trying to buy weapon warpaint on the game. I have tried everything I can think and yet it still says "origin overlay disabled" please help I want to buy my war paints.

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Re: Origin overlay wont let me buy war paints.

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I'm closing this thread to stop it being necroed.


Make sure that Origin In-game is on the game it self right click Titanfall 1 and game proprieties


If you have any issues with Titanfall 1 please make a new topic about the issues you are having and what kind of steps you have tried to solve it.




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* If someone has helped and solved your issue please accept it as a solution. Standard smile


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