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materialsystem_dx11.dll Crash

by IamNoTick

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materialsystem_dx11.dll Crash

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Just bought TItanfall a few days ago... I'm experiencing a continual crash. I can load into the game, and even play for a short time. The intervals before the crash is completely random. I have read that there is issues with DirectX-10 cards... I'm utilizing a native DX11 card, so this cannot be the issue (nVidia GTX 570).


  • I have tampered with fan settings to ensure overheating isn't an issue. GPU never once exceeded 48 degree's celcius.
  • I have replaced the \\Origin Games\Titanfall\platform\shaders\fxc with the available download out there to replace the files within that 90% of the forums are recommending.
  • I have disabled vsync - enabled vsync, and every combination inbetween.
  • I have utilized all the lowest settings (manually set) possible
  • I have utilized nVidia's Experience recommended settings
  • I have removed my Overclock and set my entire system to default.
  • I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, twice.
  • I have disabled origin in game
  • I have altered the shortcut and root .exe to run as administrator, both for origin and titanfall


I have done just about everything, without scrubbing through registries trying to find something. I've seen a lot of ramblings on this subject, but no solid feedback about it, especially for those of us having the issue with a DX11 graphics card. Is there an answer to fix this issue?

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